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Modern Rock music has now become an essential part of our lives and musicians that have done great work in this genre hold a great respect in our hearts today. However, some bands through their extraordinary talent achieve a level of popularity and respect that makes them superior to others, like Foreigner.
History of Foreigner dates back to 1976 when it was formed as a British American rock band based at New York . Among the founder members were included Ian McDonald, Lou Gramm and Mick Jones . Before Foreigner, Mick Jones was a part of Nero and the Gladiators , The Leslie West Band and Spooky Tooth, Lou Gramm worked with Black Sheep while Ian McDonald was a King Crimson member. Other members at the time of inception included Ed Gagliardi, Dennis Elliott and Al Greenwood .
The band released their self titled debut album in 1977 that turned out to be a super hit. The album remained within the top 20 positions on US charts for over a year after its release and contained many super hit singles including Long Long Way From Home , Cold as Ice and Feels Like The First Time . Encouraged with the success of their first album, Foreigner released their second album the next year titled Double Vision that proved to be an even bigger success as compared to their debut album. Double Vision sold over 5 million copies worldwide as compared to a sale of 4 million by the debut album. Some of the significant tracks from the second album included Blue Morning Blue Day, Double Vision and Hot Blooded.
The band released its third studio album titled Head Games in 1979. It contained tracks like Dirty White Boy and Head Games and was the third consecutive hit for the band. Soon afterwards, the band members began to shuffle, with new ones joining and some of the old members leaving the band. After significant reconfiguration the band released their next album titled 4 in year 1981. The album was rated Platinum 6 times by RIAA for its marvelous sales records and helped the band maintain its superstardom in the coming years. The subsequent albums like Agent Provocateur, Inside Information , Unusual Heat, Mr. Moonlight and Cant Slow Down were released in 1984, 1987, 1991, 1994 and 2009 respectively, all of them doing remarkable business.
Foreigner saw some difficult times in late 1990s and early 2000s, when one of the most significant members, Lou Gramm had to undergo a major Neurosurgery to have a Brain Tumor removed. His surgery was followed by medical follow up, and the medicines he had to use affected his voice apart from giving him a significant weight gain. Nevertheless, the band continued to perform together until 2004 when they decided to take some time off and reorganize the band.
Ever since the band has come back to mainstream, it has produced several new albums and songs, and has been critically acclaimed. The routine of releasing a new album followed by extensive touring by the band is continued. There has been a lot of reshuffling in the band ever since it was formed, but the structure of the band today is better and more productive than ever before. Currently, the band comprises of Thom Gimbel on saxophone, guitar, flute and backing vocals, Mick Jones on keyboard, lead guitars and lead vocals, Kelly Henson on Lead Vocals, Peff Pilson on Backing vocals and bass, Michael Bluestein on synthesizers, keyboards and backing vocals and Mark Schulman on percussion, drums and backing vocals.
The band has always remained popular among rock music lovers all over the world and Foreignertickets promise you a great musical evening and a wonderful musical entertainment.
This superb band has remained a fan favorite of all rock music lovers for many years now and this band is none other than Foreigner. This group was amongst the most popular bands during the decades of 80’s and 90’s. As of yet Foreigner has amazingly sold over 37 million albums across the US. Fans your favorite band is coming to give a rocking performance in your very own city so you better not miss it. Get your affordable Foreigner Tickets only from us as we give you value for your money!
Foreigner was founded in the late 70’s in New York City by singer Lou Gramm and Ian McDonald from the legendary rock group Crimson Tide. Since start the band has been undergoing various line-up changes and only guitarist Mick Jones is the founding member who is left with the group. From debut till now Foreigner has released nine studio albums out which one was certified Platinum whereas five went multi-Platinum. Foreigner band’s total album sale across the globe has crossed the 70 million mark.
Foreigner is still very active in the music industry even after three decades or performing the band continues to tour and compose music. People you must not miss the live performance of this acclaimed band and the best way is by getting your Foreigner Tickets from us and we guarantee you a memorable rocking evening!

Band Members
Mick Jones
Thom (Tom) Gimbel
Kelly Hansen
Jeff Pilson
Jason Bonham
Michael Bluestein
All Time Hits
Shades Of Brown

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