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Metal fans get ready be a part of one rocking event, the FMX 31st Birthday Bash. Into its first year of the fourth decade the FMX Birthday Bash has been one of the most successful and epic events when it comes to celebrating the genre. Hard hitting, adrenaline pumping, head banging music from some of the greatest performers on the world has been the hallmark of the event for three decades and you can watch the latest installment by simply buying FMX 31st Birthday Bash tickets.
This FMX 31st Birthday Bash promises to be the biggest one in history. This year it will be headlined by none other then the sensational Korn. The band was formed in 1994 by David Silveria, Reginald Arvizu and James Shaffer. The trio were members of another previous heavy metal band L.A.P.D. which broke up in 1992. Korn hit the mainstream with the release of their self-titled album in 1994. The album received a lot of positive acclaim from fans and critics and is considered a pioneer creation in heralding the next generation of metal music. They got their first huge break with the release of Follow the Leader in 1998. The album turned into a rage as soon as it hit the music stores and popped up at the number one spot on various charts. It was certified five times platinum in the U.S. and triple platinum in Canada and Australia. The enormous success of Follow the Leader turned Korn into global superstars overnight. They followed it up with the release of Issues the next year that once again was an unprecedented hit. It sold well in excess of over eleven million, yes that is eleven million copies globally to put Korn at the top of the musical food chain. Untouchables came on 11th June, 2002 to sell well over four hundred and thirty four thousand copies in the first week. The album sold well over four million copies and was certified four times platinum. More epics like Take a Look in the Mirror, See You on the Other Side, Untitled Korn Album and more recently The Path of Totality along with a couple of Grammys have cemented their reputation as true heavy metal icons.
Korn are not the only ones on the agenda at the FMX 31st Birthday Bash they will be joined on that amazing stage by Disturbed another unbelievable heavy metal band. Formed in 1996 they have sold in excess of thirteen million records around the world. The sales numbers put them right at the top of the list of the biggest heavy metal success stories of their era. Sevendust will also be viewed at the FMX 31st Birthday Bash. Sevendust was formed in 1994 and have gone on to release eight albums in total till now, most of them turning out to be pretty big hits. A lot of their releases have gone on to earn Gold status. Last but definitely not the least In This Moment will also be seen thumping their way on to the stage. They are one of the newest members of the heavy metal scene who have been in the spotlight for just seven odd years. In This Moment have released three albums till now and are slowly but surely making their presence felt to stake their claim as the next generation of metal.
With a line-up as star studded as the one for this year’s FMX 31st Birthday Bash, how can the event be anything but spectacular? He show has provided a platform to new and established bands to share the same stage to perform for supporters of the genre and the fact it has crossed three decades is an indication of how highly it is regarded. Now that the greatest concert in the event’s Illustrious history rolls into town, be a part of it by buying your FMX 31st Birthday Bash tickets at the first opportunity you get.

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