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Florence Machine, known also as Florence and the Machine, is a British indie pop and rock band that has gained popularity all over the world with chart topping singles and best selling albums. This band entered the international music scene in 2007 and originated from the capital of the UK , the city of London . Its music also reflects soul, baroque pop and experimental styles. This English band has been signed onto record labels such as Moshi Moshi, Island Records and IAMSOUND Records. It has been associated with acts such as Drake, The Big Pink, The xx, Kid Harpoon, The Horrors, Lightspeed Champion and The Weeknd. To add to that, thousands have had the chance to see this band live with Florence Machine tickets in their hands and many more continue to do even today as the bands gets more and more popular.

Today, Florence Machine has a lineup that consists of lead vocalist Florence Welch, Robert Ackroyd, Christopher Lloyd Hayden, Isabella Summers, Tom Monger and Mark Saunders. This indie pop band has created its own style of music that passes even its indie pop genre by fusing sounds from other genres. It has been praised all over the media even before it was a mainstream hit by channels such as the BBC. In fact, it was this TV channel’s program BBC Introducing that led to the band becoming wildly popular not only in the UK but also in the US . In 2009, the band released its very first album, Lungs , which went on to rank second on the UK Albums Chart for five consecutive weeks. After that, in 2010, the album then ranked first on the same charts after having stayed on them for twenty eight straight weeks since the album’s debut.

By the end of 2010, Florence Machine’s first album Lungs had stayed at the top of the UK Music Charts for sixty five consecutive weeks. This achievement led to the album being ranked as one amongst a handful of Best Selling Albums in both 2009 and in 2010. This album was also critically acclaimed when it was honored in 2010 as part of the BRIT Awards, going on to win the MasterCard British Album Award. This band also went on to received a Grammy Award nomination as the Best New Artist. In live performances, this is an indie pop band that has performed live at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 2010 and the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010.

In 2011, Florence Machine released its second album. This record was titled as Ceremonials and came out in the end of 2011. It was an instant hit and ranked number one on the UK charts as well as sixth on the US Billboard Charts. This indie pop band has as its lead singer Florence Welch. Born to a professor and an advertising executive, she was exposed to the rock and roll music scene through her father who used to live in London ’s West End and attended live shows played by The 101ers. It was her father who encouraged her to listen to the likes of The Ramones rather than newer rock music which in turn led to Florence Welch developing a style of music that would make up the core of Florence Machine, known fully as Florence and the Machine.

Florence Welch of Florence Machine was also heavily inspired by her academic mother whose lectures she used to listen to live. She then embedded these themes into her music which would make up an important part of the band’s work. Aside from Florence Welch, this English band is made up of many other members.

Florence Machine also includes Robert Ackroyd as the guitarist, Chris Hayden as the drummer and percussionist, Isabella Summers as the keyboardist, Mark Saunders as the bassist and Tom Monger as the harpist. Today this is an award winning band that has played live at many award ceremonies where none other than the best artists have watched them live through Florence Machine tickets. In awards, this band has won several BRIT Awards, International Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and Grammy Awards.

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