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Fleet Foxes is a musical group from the city of Seattle, in Washington and has been active in the music scene since 2006. They are famous for their folk music and are known to experiment with different genres of it, such as indie folk and folk rock along with baroque pop.

Fleet Foxes current members include Robin Pecknold, J. Tillman, Skyler Skjelset, Caset Wescott, Morgan Henderson and Christian Wargo and the names of some of the previous members, who are no longer a part of the band are, Craig Curran, Bryn Lumsden, Nuick Peterson and Trevor Alderfer. Skyler Skjelset and Robin Pecknold were the first two members of the band; both of them were school fellows and close friends along with sharing similar tastes in music, such as Neil Young, Brian Wilson and Bob Dylan.

They both practiced music from a very young age and soon had their own band. The name of the band, Fleet Foxes was suggested by Robin Pecknold. He was also the main songwriter of the band, along with being its vocalist as well as guitarist and Skyler Skjelset was the lead guitarist. They were first noticed by Phil Ek, a Seattle producer who was amazed by their lyrics and their late 60s pop music approach. So in the year 2006 Fleet Foxes recorded their first ever demo with the assistance of Phil Ek, the Fleet Foxes EP and soon they started getting noticed by the press in Seattle.

Locally the band was becoming famous so they decided to start making their first album in the beginning of 2007. With Phil Ek as their producer, the band members began the process. The money was tight so all the band members pitched in and the album was recorded in apartments of the members of the band, various other places and in the basement area of Robin Pecknold’s parents’ home. Fleet Foxes kept on rising and by the end of 2007, through their MySpace site, they had attracted as many as more than a quarter of a million people, wanting to listen to their songs in only 2 months. None of their songs had been released officially by then but still they managed to create hype through word of mouth. All of this led to them signing a deal with the record label Sub Pop , in 2008.

Fleet Foxes finished “Sun Giant”, the band’s second EP, about the same time and released it internationally on the 8 th of April. The Sun Giant was critically acclaimed, especially because of the band’s mix of folk with pop and rock. Around that time, J. Tillman and Christian Wargo joined the group as a drummer and guitarist and songwriter respectively. Then on the 3 rd of June, in 2008, Fleet Foxes’ first ever album was released by the same name. This album too was critically applauded and was a success. The album was given four stars by the Rolling Stone magazine and 9 out of 10 by the Pitchfork Media . It was also made the album of the year by the site along with the band’s EP. Then on the 24 th of June, Fleet Foxes reached the number 1 spot on the CMJ Radio 200 Chart. So both their EPs and their first album enabled the band to come into prominence. The group was even more famous in Europe, where it sold more than 200,000 copies following the album’s release, around 408,000 in North America and more than 100,000 copies were sold in UK. This album also won the Music Award in 2008. “Fleet Foxes”,the album was also rated the year 2008’s Billboard’s Critic’s Choice . As the band’spopularity was on a constant rise, they also made many television appearances. Their second album is titled “Helplessness Blues”.

Fleet Foxes began their first tour after the release of their second EP, in 2008. They also performed at the SXSW Festival and the Sasquatch Festival in the year 2008. This brought the band even more public awareness. To support their first album Fleet Foxes the band toured Europe and North America. In fact, with their wonderful debut album, the band sold out all of their venues in UK, Australia and New Zealand. Then in 2009 Fleet Foxes went on tour in Europe and got positive reviews. This year the band returns to the Way Out West Music Festival .

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