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The game of football, or soccer what it is most commonly referred to as, has grown both in popularity and in scope all across the globe in the course of the last century, becoming the most played sport of all time. The energy that ripples through the crowds and the power play that unfolds in front of their eyes on the field below keeps them on the edge of their seats, especially if the teams are those belonging to the English Premier League or the European Soccer League.

However, South American teams such as those of Brazil and Argentina have held football fanatics in rapture of their football fury and promoted the sport to a whole new level. Next to the cutthroat competition that highlights the championship games of FIFA, La Liga or the Copa Americana, exhibition games present an ideal opportunity for fans and players alike to enjoy the pure thrill of the sport without any financial or titular trappings. Secure some exhibition tickets now to see a host of professional and athletic soccer teams lock horns over an inflated orb.

Towards the late 19th century when the sport of association football was being formalized, friendly games were the norm. However, as the decades progressed, friendlies played especially for a charitable or worthy cause began to be termed as exhibition games. However, when a soccer exhibition game is played as purely a matter of pride, it is then when things start to become quite interesting.

After the trend of establishing soccer leagues began to take hold some decades ago, exhibition games morphed into preseason clashes and started serving as "warm up" sessions for the requisite teams. With the stakes of competition taken out of the equation, the players were able to concentrate more on improving their team play and individual technique rather than perpetually being in a mad dash to score goals. Hence, in exhibition soccer games, some of the rules that are strictly enforced in competitive clashes can be experimented with, such as the removal of the limit on substitutions and refraining from card showing so as to allow up and coming and inexperienced players to polish their game.

Typically, exhibition games in soccer are organized by the two clubs in question themselves and entail a previously agreed amount to be paid to the reigning club by the challenging one. However, there are also a number of short duration tournaments that have been organized around the format of exhibition games, such as the Amsterdam Tournament, Teresa Herrera trophy and the Emirates Cup. These tournaments allow for participating teams to compete for a trophy and have some sponsorship deals in the mix but are inherently lacking in real prestige or honor for the winning team.

Nonetheless, exhibition games give football fans a mixed plate of skilled legwork and varied soccer playing styles that make for continuous football frenzy. So claim some exhibition tickets for witnessing a football fire rage across the arenas and stadiums near you.  

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