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Eloy is a progressive rock music band from Germany. The musical style of this band comprises of space rock as well as symphonic rock. The space rock theme is a bit more customary on the initial albums of the music band. Regardless of the band's nationality or the fact that they have been present in the music industry since time immemorial. This particular band is not really rendered to be krautrouck because of their unique music tunes. Their music is quite similar to that of some of the greatest English progressive rock music bands such as Yes, King Crimson and Pink Floyd. The main musical genres of the band are psychedelic rock, space rock and progressive rock. It has been actively a part of the music industry since the year of 1969 till the present day. The music recording label companies it has been associated with have been Phillips Records in the year of 1971 and the Emi Records from the year of 1973 until the year of 1984.
Eloy was created by the guitarist by the name of Frank Bornemann. Ever since its creation, the lineup of the band has seen many changes, however, Frank Bornemann remains the only permanent member of this amazing music band. During the decade of the 1980s the group suffered many split us, nevertheless, Frank Bornemann embarked upon the commercial direction and the music band hardly ever lost its fame or popularity especially in Germany. In the years to come, former band members rejoined Eloy and by the year of 1998 the band successfully released an album known as Ocean 2. This album was more like coming back to the traditional symphonic progressive rock music genre, something that it was really identified as.
In the month of August in 2009, Eloy announced that they were going to be releasing a brand new music album. This announcement came after a break of nearly eleven years that the band had taken from mainstream music. It was also a 40th anniversary reunion for the band. Ultimately the new album was successfully released and was known as “Visionary”. The name of the album was titled as such because the band wanted to recapture and evoke the spirit and joy of the early years of the band. In December in the year of 2010, a double DVD which was titled as “The Legacy Box” and included many television recordings as well as music videos of the Eloy from their early time until the year of 2010 was all recorded in the DVD. The DVD also had an intensely broad and inclusive history of the band and personalized interviews along with a magnificent photo gallery and various other features.
In July in the year of 2011, Eloy gave some truly mind blowing and absolutely rocking live onstage performances at music festivals which were held in Switzerland and Germany. The band members were the same as those on the 1994-1995 tour of the band. Eloy has given confirmation on their first ever live music concert performances in North America. This fabulous band will be performing live very soon in a unique and rare music event. If you are a fan of this amazing rock music band or a fan of witnessing a brilliant live music performance then get Eloy tickets.

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