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This Japanese band has become a sensation not only at home but also in many other countries abroad and this band is none other than Dreams Come True. This immensely popular pop group started as a trio, it has remained active on the Japanese music scene for more than twenty years now and has sold around 50 million albums across the globe. Dreams Come True till date has released 25 albums out of which 10 albums have landed at #1 spot on Japanese Charts. Pop music lovers this band will be in your city very soon so get Dreams Come True Tickets only from us and enjoy!

Dreams Come True was formed in the year 1988 by two friends, singer and songwriter Miwa Yoshida and bass guitarist Massato Nakamura. They were later joined by Takahiro Nishikawa on keyboards. Dreams Come True is nicknamed DCT and also termed as “Dorikamu” in Japan. The band kept on performing as a trio till 2002, after Nishikawa’s departure now Dreams Come True records and performs as a duo-pop group. Nakamura belongs to Chofu Tokyo, besides playing bass he is also the main composer and producer whereas Yoshida originates from Ikeda Hokkaido and she focuses mainly on lyrics writing and vocals. Apart from performing as a group both these gifted artists also enjoy a successful solo career.

Dreams Come True released the debut album in 1989, this album was self-titled and went to #7 position on Japanese Charts. The group was noticed immediately by the music circles and their thirds album Wonder 3 landed at #1 position on charts and sold around 1,200,000 copies. DCT gave one more chart topping album Million Kisses after that, this album sold 2,106,000. Immense fame and recognition came to DCT with the release of The Swinging Star in the year 1992. This album got the credit of becoming the first ever album that sold over 3 million copies in Japan. For quite a few years The Swinging Star remained the best selling music album of all time in Japan.

Some other notable chart topping albums on DCT credit are Magic(1993), Delicious(1995), Love Unlimited (1996), The Soul: Dreams Come True Greatest Hits (2000), Monkey Girl Odyssey (2001), The Love Rocks (2006) and Do You Dreams Come True? (2009) . DCT latest album till date is The Soul for People (Higashi Nihon Daishinsai Shien Best Album) , this album was released in June 2011. Some number one singles of DCT are “Go For It”, “Kessen wa Kin yobi”, “Haretara Li ne”, “Love Love Love”, “Romance”, “Asa Ga Mata Kuru” and “Tsuretette Tsuretette”.

DCT has also been pretty active in composing music for films, their single “Winter Song” was featured as an opening theme song in the soundtrack of 1993 movie Sleepless in Seattle which was made by TriStar Pictures. In 1994 they recorded a song for New Line Cinema produced film The Swan Princess . DCT was hired by the Walt Disney Company to compose theme music and songs for its attractions and TV shows at the Disney Resort in Tokyo. DCT also performed the Japanese version of Atlantis: The Lost Empire theme song “Crystal Vine” in 2001.

Miwa Yoshida has extensively worked for TV and has also appeared on commercials of giant companies like Vodafone, Visa, Lotte, Sony, Honda and Coca-Cola. Yoshida also appeared on Time Magazine cover in 1996 exactly after one year of starting her solo career. Nakamura has been actively producing and composing music for TV commercials and also composed music for the renowned gaming company Sega Mega Drive. He worked with Sega for composing the music for the game Sonic the Hedgehog’s first two installments.

Fans Dreams Come True is a band that is a class apart from all other groups of pop and over the years has developed an exclusive music style. If you have not seen this pop duo live then we strongly urge you to not to miss this time, get Dreams Come True Tickets from us as we have a long inventory of affordable tickets to satisfy your music passion!

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