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Disney Beauty and the Beast is a musical with as different moods and twists as the weather of Arkansas. The musical changes its tone continuously from one scene to another. If it is boisterous at one moment, it will be gloomy right after that. The very next scene could be hilarious followed by surreal and goofy/slapstick. It can be described as the roller coaster ride, with ups and downs, change of emotions and reactions, which is not visible in any other musical. It has something for everyone. The musical is based on the hit classical Disney film “Beauty and the Beast”. The music of the play is by Alan Menken while Howard Ashman has written the lyrics. The book of the play is written by Linda Woolverton . The musical has made a history as the eighth longest running musical on Broadway. It was performed from 1994 to 2007 with 5,464 performances.

The story of the Disney Beauty and the Beast revolves around a village girl Belle and a prince who has been transformed to a beast by an enchantress. The first act begins with a beggar woman who knocks at the door of a prince and asks for food and shelter for a night. The prince refuses her due to her appearance. The beggar woman transforms into her real self “enchantress” and transforms the prince into a beast and his servants into different objects. This spell will only be broken when the prince will fell in love with someone who also will love him the same way. The enchantress gives him the rose to use as the hourglass clock of the spell. He has time till the last petal of the rose drops. After many years, a man named Maurice gets lost in the forest and enters the prince’s palace. The horrid Beast orders the man to be locked as he has trespassed into his palace. A man in the town returns from the woods with the scarf made by Belle for his father Maurice. She heads for the forest after realizing that her father was in danger. She reaches the palace and sees her father in a dungeon. She asks the Beast to free her father and she will live in the palace instead. The Beast lets her stay in the guestroom and asks her to join him for dinner. After waiting for her for some time, the Beast is told by the servants that Belle has refused to come. The Beast goes to her room and they have a fight. The Beast orders the servants that either she will join him for dinner or will not have anything to eat at all. Eventually she gets hungry and was supplied food by the servants who sees her as the only hope to get them all out of the spell. Belle ventures to see the whole castle and is charmed by the rose floating in the air and tries to touch it. But before that the Beast comes and orders her to leave the palace immediately. Belle is attacked by the wolves in the forest but saved by the Beast who is wounded during the process. Belle nurses him and they develop friendship but Belle misses her father. The Beast lets her see her father through the magic mirror but Maurice is sick. Belle returns and tries to help her father. Gaston, a village lad who secretly wishes to marry Belle goes to the castle and has deadly fight with the Beast. Belle reaches there but the Beast dies in front of her. She admits her love for him before the last petal falls and the Beast transforms into a prince and they lived happily ever after.

Disney Beauty and the Beast has been produced by a number of productions. The Broadway production was directed by Robert Jess Ruth. The musical premiered jointly by Disney Theatricals and Theatre under the Stars at Music Hall, Houston.
Disney Beauty and the Beast has won Olivier Award for the Best Musical in 1998. It has also won best Grote Musical by John Krajiikamp Musical Awards in 2006.

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