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Celebrate the legacy of Walt Disney with your Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic tickets. Sixty-five unforgettable characters of Disney from eighteen lovely stories will be coming to life in the Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic show.  Get ready to be entertained by everyone’s beloved characters; Mickey Mouse, the appealing Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket and many of the Disney Princesses. The exciting moments of The Lion King and Mulan will thrill you and Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo will give you a tour under the sea. Watch the Toy Story and The Incredibles rendered into a skating extravaganza filled with remarkable magical moments of Disney’s legacy.

All these amazing Disney characters take to the ice for an impressive celebration in a grand show. Organized by Feld Entertainment, the event will be featuring artists from all over the world to perform to stunning choreography while wearing beautiful costumes, against the background of elaborate sets and award-winning musical numbers. The Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic show premiered in 1999. It is also recognized as the All-Star Parade or The Magical World of Disney on Ice as well as Disney's Magical Moments. Characters such as Pluto and films such as Sleeping Beauty, The Princess and the Frog, Fairies, and Tangled are all going to be featured in the show.

With Minnie and Mickey bringing in all the fun, audiences will enjoy heartwarming songs choreographed by Sarah Kawahara. Scott Lane serves as the costume designer and faced many challenges in outfitting the cast of these characters. The dazzling designs created by him range from the ones for the dolls of “It’s a Small World”, to the stars of Finding Nemo and Mulan. David Potts, who is the scenic designer and has worked on several Broadway productions, will be creating a theatrical atmosphere during the show. Explore the world of Disney in this exceptional production showcasing the best Disney stories. Cinderella, the orphan princess lives as a poor slave in her own house after the death of her father. Her stepmother and stepsisters force her to cook, clean and work continuously. Cinderella dreams that someday a handsome prince will sweep her away and she’ll live happily ever after.

The Blue Fairy is good and pure with everyone in the world. She visits those who need her and love her the most. With her ethereal presence and soft voice, she fulfills the wishes of those most deserving of them. Ariel, the mermaid princess of the sea, who wishes for a different life like the humans on the shore, will fascinate you with her sea kingdom. Everything related to the human world attracts her. But what she wants the most is for the handsome Danish prince to notice her. One of the most important characters of the show is Donald Duck, who is hot tempered yet a lovable duck. His hilarious, very human frustration with the annoying side of life is truly entertaining for the fans. Pocahontas is a free-spirited princess who enjoys nature and the environment around her. 

Snow White is Disney’s first princess and also one of the most beloved one. Her evil stepmother tried to kill her once but Snow White escaped and took refuge with seven dwarfs in their little cottage. All of them became her loyal friends and loved her completely. She enjoyed being there, teaching the dwarfs new skills. One day, her voice was heard by a young prince who fell in love with her.  After eating a poisoned apple given to her by her stepmother, she falls asleep. The prince finds out and he goes to see her, awakening her with a kiss. With her kind heart and snow-like skin, she has proved to be the fairest and kindest one of all Disney’s princesses. To watch more live animated entertainment, you must buy Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic tickets as soon as possible to enjoy the show with your family.

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