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Detroit Lions have a potential to beat the biggest team out there. The current roster of the Lions has got a lot of talented players who are capable of changing the fate of the game within seconds. Now they need to play with their full potential because that is the only way they will step up to the plate. If you are one of the avid supports of the Lions then grab your Detroit Lions football tickets and play your part in helping your team go to the next level. The Lions are roaring once again, so join them!

Detroit Lions have some top-tier players in the roster who have a lot of potential to show in the games. And though Lions have been facing a drought of winning the championship, it will be over in no time as the team has all what it takes to be the champions. Still, Lions have 4 NFL championships under their belt. And in no time will fans see Lions going for Super Bowl. Moreover, Lions have also won 4 Conference and 4 Division Championships. The team has some excellent talent which shows on the field and that make Detroit Lions tickets a hot commodity.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Detroit Lions please click Buy

The recent downtown dinner in Hard Rock café between Detroit fans and players made the formal affair more of an event of celebration for the newly inducted 2011 Draft class. The lineup includes Lions’ second signup of the 2010 Rotary Lombardi Award and 2011 BCS National Championship MVP winner defensive tackle Nick Fairley, wide receiver Titus Young, running back Mikel Leshoure, linebacker Doug Hogue and offensive tackle Johnny Culbreath. With Head Coach Jim Schwartz commenting on taking in player that fit in the team, the fresh additions were hauled valuable (‘drafting treasures’ some call them) by fans and management alike; however, the signings also indicate Lions’ wait-and-see strategy. The question is whether the performance of the players will live up to the expectations of the fans. The wait seems to be worth the Detroit Lions tickets!

In one of the largest cities of Michigan State , Lions (previously known as Portsmouth Spartans) found their home amidst the cultural exuberances exhibited by the place; Motown Madness, Broadway Delights and the Afro-American Revival. The Lions worked as an independent team till 1934 when they were brought to Detroit : a city roaring with life and electric energy much like the team. After its initiation in the NFL the Detroit Lions managed to overcome the Great Depression Era as it was foretold by the first owner, Detroit radio executive George Richards, the team is named so because it’ll rule the NFL much like the lion who rules the jungle (and of course, this was an intended blow in Detroit Tigers’ face). However, the last laugh was on Lions as they’ve maintained a losing streak since 1958 (thus bearing the legend of ‘The Curse of Bobby Layne’ where ex- Lions player Layne was reported to have said that the Lions would "not win for 50 years". Whether it really is the curse or just downright bad tactics on the field is an elusively obvious rhetoric) coming second only to Arizona Cardinals from the bottom of the table. Detroit Lions also have yet to play in the NFL Super Bowl (they did try the play offs 50 times but ‘try, try, again’ is their unofficial motto). The Lions nevertheless gained an exclusive spot in the Thanksgiving Classic, a series of games played during the Thanksgiving holidays. Fans could only pray for a better game in 2011 and Lo!

The answer seems to arrive in the confirmation of an off-season summer camp by Team President Tom Lewand brings in a horde of speculation by fans and critics about the 2011 season yet to begin. With previous performances by the team leading to heartbreaks, blackouts and serious can crushing criticism by analysts this was a much needed (and welcomed) statement issued by Lewand that ignited hopeful tactics of becoming NFL King and attaining the elusive championship trophy. The Detroit Lions tickets in the forthcoming season are sure to result in stadiums brimming with enthusiastic fans and complete sell-outs at both home and away games since the expectations have been boosted to an all-time high with the latest star studded and promising signups. The anticipation building towards an eventful season may lead to serious collateral damage if any fluke occurs-2011 may prove to be the Year of the Ultimate Swing for Detroit Lions much like their move back in the 1930s from Portsmouth , Ohio to Detroit , Michigan .

Changing their home fields four times previously (Universal Stadium (1930–1933), University of Detroit Stadium (1934–1937, 1940), Tiger Stadium (1938–1939, 1941–1974) a.k.a. Briggs Stadium (1938–1960) and Pontiac Silverdome (1975–2001)) Lions home games are held at Ford Field in downtown Detroit since 2002. The team colors of Honolulu Blue, Silver, Black, White glares flashily on the uniforms reflecting the team philosophy of making everything fit, sort of like a jigsaw puzzle only here its men vying for the top spot. The Detroit Lions Radio Network (WXYT-FM, 97.1 FM, and WXYT-AM, 1270 AM) and Detroit Lions Television Network (WWJ-TV) are all set to give a blow by blow account of the maneuvers excursed by the team for 2011 alongwith the fiery blue logo of a roaring lion about to seize victory.

It is only hoped that a blaring ringing of the Lions anthem, a serenade of their fight song ‘Gridiron Heroes’ by Theo "Gridiron" Spight (fight song singer) and an energizing field lap by Mascot Roary the Lion can revive them of their off-track slumber when it comes to bagging the trophy. This season’s Detroit Lions tickets promise games flavored with excitement, robust action and a dash-full of hope and crossed fingers!There's no stopping the Lions when they come all fierce, with their eyes on the title and their claws out to stop the opponents taking it. The team is improving its preparation and performance every passing season and will be on top in no time. You have got to see the gathering at the Ford Stadium when Lions fans come out to see the action packed games. Fans expect a good game from Lions and the team never disappoints them. Buying Detroit Lions tickets doesn't need a second thought as fans can be assured of having a tremendous time at the games.

The Detroit Lions have won the conference as well as the division title four times each. They have also managed to make their way to the playoffs an impressive fifteen times. On top of that they have four league titles against their name. Their illustrious history proves that they have all the makings of going to the top of the mountain once again. So fans this is your chance to buy Detroit Lions tickets and make your way to the arena to root for your favorite team in their home and away games. Book your deals today!


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