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Deftones tickets are must haves for those who have a knack for heavy metal. Rocking music charts for more than two decades, the Deftones still haven't faded away. Starting out as a heavy metal rock band during the eighties they sure have come a long way on the road of success. Formed by a group of young guns with a burning desire for loud, heavy music the Deftones tickets sell out fast so make your claim on a pair right away. Attune your ears to some of their old hits along with brand new hits from their latest album, "Diamond Eyes." Starting out as a garage band they now come to a venue near you so make sure to greet them on time.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Deftones please click Buy

For any fan of alternative metal, the name of Deftones is a legend in itself. Deftones emerged from Sacramento, California, in 1989. A brainchild of Chino Morena, Stephen Carpenter and Abe Cunningham when carpenter was only 15, who taught himself how to play the guitar inspired by Metallica and Anthrax, the band has gone to become synonymous with the genre. The three founding members are obviously still members, making this one really tightly dedicated group of serious musicians. All three share a friendship from high school times as well as the skateboarding scene of the city at the time.

After gigging in Carpenter’s garage for some time, they chose Chi Cheng as their bassist which resulted in their first demo album. This was followed by an expanding fan base all across California, with the Deftones now playing same gigs as the likes of bands like Korn. With all this live stage experience, the boys of Deftones really know how to put on a good show and we have all the tickets to their shows this year! Our Deftones Tickets will put you right there in the crowd to witness a band that defines a genre.

The name Deftones itself is an exercise in being deliberately vague. The name is derived from the hiphop slag “Def” and the suffix “Tones” which was very popular with musical acts circa 50s. The name doesn’t really refer to anything in particular in that it may have some deep rooted cheesy meaning, according to Carpenter, but totally reflects the band’s tendency to not maintain or stick to one particular style. Even with that the Deftones have a very distinctly different sound, setting them apart from other band of any genre actually. The years of experience really pays off here, and the result is a group of genuinely talented musicians that know their craft so well its art.

But stepping back in time, the Deftones debuted with their first album titled Adrenalin i n 1995. It was recorded in Seattle, Washington and released on the 3 rd of October. Though at first the band was commercially unpopular, it was soon remedied by extensive gigs and performances, internet and online promotion and word of mouth, which resulted in the sale of 220,000 copies of the record without any of its singles receiving airplay. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the band made an appearance in the film The Crow: City Of Angels , also contributing the song “Teething” to the soundtrack of the 1996 film.

Since then their songs have featured on many soundtracks including one for Law Abiding Citizen called “Engine No.9”. Other memorable tracks from the Deftones first album include the singles “Bored” and “7 Words”. In 1999, Adrenalin was certified Gold by the RIAA and then Platinum in 2008. The album has been praised for the band’s precision, control and the overall sound, very mature for an up and coming band with its first album out only.

The Deftones second album Around The Fur also came out of Seattle. Released in 1997, it was dedicated to the late son of Max Cavalera of Sepultura/Calavera Conspiracy/Soulfly. The singer collaborated on the single “Head Up” which was in the memory of his son. The album also featured Cunningham’s wife Annalynn. Finally the band hit stardom on the alternative metal scene as well as the overall music front, with their singles “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)” and “My Own Summer (Shove It)” receiving a lot of air play on the radios as well as MTV. The second single was featured on the soundtrack of the Matrix.

The Deftones followed their second studio effort with tours, hitting venues like the Warped Tour, Roskilde Festival, Ozzfest and Pinkpop Festival. This album too received the honourable Gold status in 1999. The boys of Deftones have never looked back since then having produced four more studio albums of all great status, White Pony, Deftones, Saturday Night Wrist and Diamond Eyes. Their fifth album is named Eros. Not only are the Deftones a great band, they are dedicated and consistent, always producing more and more work, with better results each time.

A band that makes every new album a chance for growth of their style, they have by now cultivated a massive international fan following and not to mention the positive credits of many a music critic. Do not miss your chance to see them live this year as they begin their live tour. We here have the best deals for Deftones Tickets anywhere online! Any fan of the band or even of just good music would appreciate this one.

Rooted in Sacramento, the Californian rockers are just around the corner. Anticipate the arrival of this five member band. Deftones the band include, Chino Moreno as the lead vocalist and guitarist. Another guitarist in the band is, Stephen Carpenter. Drumming duties are looked after by Abe Cunningham. The fourth member is Frank Delgado, he is on the keyboards. Lastly the band has Chi Cheng on bass. Having a total of six albums to their credit, out of which two have achieved platinum status while two went gold. Receiving rave reviews like "furiously intelligent" by Time Magazine critic, Moreno's poetic lyrics are said to have manifold meanings in them. Deftones is loved by fans and critics alike so why waste time, just book your deal of their concert tickets right away.

Music is the most expressive vehicle of human thoughts; it is liked by all and makes one feel elated. With the passage of time we humans have devised different genres of music and we feel some specific type to make us feel more jubilant than the other. This divide has made us inclined towards one form of music that can sweep us off our feet. For people who are energetic and like that music which is full of energy, alternative metal and experimental rock is the right choice for listening to. Deftones is one of the best choices in this specific genre of music. To load yourself with the energetic sound produced by this amazing band get hold of your Deftones Tickets now before you are too late.

Having their origin from Sacramento, California, USA this band is active in the pursuit of the best since 1988. The band comprises of members including Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter, Chi Cheng, Frank Delgado, Abe Cunningham and Sergio Vega. Deftones came into existence when Stephen Carpenter, Chino Moreno and Abe Cunningham explored their joint interest in music apart from skateboarding after high school. Chi Chang joined the trio as bassist and soon they started playing at various clubs later to expanding their performance area from local city to cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Soon they were targeted by a Maverick Records company employee who signed them to the label. The name of the band was devised by Stephen Carpenter who liked the hip hop slang “def” and combined it with “-tones” which was a popular suffix amongst 50’s band whom he admired.In the year 1995 during the month of October the band came up with their first album “Adrenaline”. The album was not much exposed to the listeners initially though still it managed to reach the position on 23 at Billboard Heatseekers . Later the band contributed a track for the movie The Crow:

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