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Death Cab for Cutie is an American emo, alternative rock, indie pop and indie rock band from Bellingham, Washington. To date the band has released one demo, five EP’s and seven studio albums, with their most recent album released on May 31, 2011. The success of the band’s music has led them to sign major record deals with music labels like Sub Pop Records, Fierce Panda Records, Barsuk Records, Atlantic Records and Warner Music.
The band, which was formed in 1997, takes its peculiar name from one of the songs of the ‘Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band’. The band had sung the song in The Beatles’ movie, Magical Mystery Tour. Death Cab for Cutie presently consists of Jason McGerr (drums), Nick Harmer (bass), Chris Walla (keyboards, production, guitar) and Ben Gibbard (piano, guitar, vocals). Even before the band had formed, Gibbard had been playing guitar for a band called ‘Pinwheel’. Pinwheel was recording music under the name All-Time Quarterback . Gibbard released a solo cassette under the name, “You Can Play These Songs with Chords”. This demo tape was an instant hit and Gibbard signed a record deal with Barsuk Records . The Rolling Stone Magazine had described this solo production as “emotion through its lack of emotion”. The success of this tape encouraged Gibbard to transform his solo career into a band; Death Cab for Cutie was formed.

The initial members of the band, in addition to Gibbard were Nathan Good on drums, Nick Harmer on bass guitar and Chris Walla on lead guitar. The band was formally formed on the campus of Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. Since the band consisted of the local boys, most of the lyrics in their early work reflect the names and places in Bellingham and its adjacent areas. As it usually is with most of the band in their early stage, the band members lacked funds, so recordings were done in the basement of a house rented out by Gibbard and his roommates.
In 1998, only a year after their formation, the ever experimenting band released a LP under the name, ‘Something About Airplanes’. On this album they had introduced some new instruments like cello, synth and flute. It was an instant hit, which made the band release their second album, “We have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes”, in 2000. This album, too, following in the footsteps of its predecessors had the sounds of unorthodox instruments like glockenspiel and organ. The critics started to compare the band with Built to Spill and Modest Mouse. The band released another EP in 2000, under the name “The Forbidden Love”. This along with another LP under the name “The Photo Album”, which was released a year after, made the band a name to reckon with in the world of indie music.
In 2003, Death Cab for Cutie released another of their albums under the name, “Transatlanticism”. The Rolling Stone Magazine reviewed this album favorably and classified it as “melodic, melancholy songs about feeling both smart and confused, hopelessly romantic but wary of love.” The songs from this album were instant hits and featured on movies like Mean Creek and Wedding Crashers . Not only Hollywood movies, the songs also featured on popular television shows like Californication , CSI: Miami , Six Feet Under and The O.C.
In 2004, the band signed a major record deal with Atlantic Records . By this time they had become famous all over North America and were in a better position to sign a deal with a major record label company on their own terms and conditions. Their 2005 album, ‘Plans’, was released by Atlantic Records. Plans would go on to become certified gold record in 2006 and by 2008 had achieved the prestigious status of certified platinum record. The success of this album also won them a nomination with Grammy in ‘Best Alternative Album’ category.
Death Cab for Cutie’s most recent album was ‘Codes and Keys’. This album, too, like the previous works of the band is full of experiments with introduction of new instruments, giving a whole new color to indie music. Unlike all its predecessors, it is said, that this album is much less guitar-centric. The band currently tours all over the United States, playing their great indie music both from this latest album and previous albums. So buy Death Cab for Cutie Tickets and have the time of your life!

All Time Hits
i will follow you into the dark

The world famous alternative rock band, Death Cab for Cutie is coming soon to your city! The band provides its fans with a fusion of indie and alternative pop/rock music. Apart from coming up with outstanding compositions, the band is also known for its distinct and meaningful lyrics. Each song has a different theme and a feel to it. Death Cab for Cutie has been working with some of the biggest record label companies of the music industry such as, Warner Bros, Atlantic Records and Fierce Panda Records, among others.

The band comprises of four multi-talented rock stars, Ben Gibbard, ChrisWalla, Nick Harmer and Jason McGerr . Death Cab for Cutie has released 7 albums till date and is in the news these days because of its brand new album, ‘Codes and Keys’. The album was ranked at top spots in the UK, US and Australia’s Billboard charts. Some of the songs that garnered mainstream success are ‘You Are a Terrorist’, ‘Home is a Fire’ and ‘Stay Young, Go Dancing’.

Besides stirring the music lovers all around, Death Cab for Cutie also earned rave reviews from the critics as well as the media. The band has now embarked on a tour and will soon be rocking arenas in different cities. To listen to the live version of their hit tracks, grab your Death Cab for Cutie Jacksonville FL tickets from us as soon as possible. We guarantee you the time of your life!

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