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For all the music lovers, Datsik is not a new name. If you are planning to attend a great concert then Datsik is the perfect choice to enjoy your time with you loved ones. There has never been a show of Datsik where anyone would have felt bored because Datsik surely knows how to entertain his fans. Originally named as Troy Beetles, Datsik is a talented Dubstep DJ as well as a music producer. Belonging from the British Columbia, Canada he is certainly a professional and talented person. His fan following is not only limited to Canada, rather, he has got fans all over the globe.

Datsik is frequently seen working with famous Dubstep producers of Canada, such as Downlink and Excision. His fans experienced his debut release in 2009 spring; the album was an instant hit. Born in 1988, he has been covering musical genres like drum, bass and Brostep music. Entertaining his fans since 2008 Datsik has worked with record labels like Rottun Recordings, Ex7 as well as Smog Recordings. All of his music has been a huge hit along with his associated acts which include Excision and Downlink.

Datsik started off with his career by developing dubstep music by getting inspired by Jeff Abel of Excision performance in 2008, at the famous electronic music festival, Shambhala. You may call him lucky or talented, but he has been working with his inspiration Jeff Abel since 2008. Both of them have developed some of the most sought after numbers of our industry.All of their collaborations have been a huge hit among fans. 2010 and 2009 saw several releases of these two artists together. It was also the same time when Datsik went global by giving out several international performances. He has been producing music in Canada but he has got a very strong and loyal international fan following as well. Be it any state or country Datsik is not an unknown name.

On Beatport, Datsik has given numerous hit releases during 2009. His remixed numbers are also very popular among fans. He has been collaborating with super stars like Noisia, The Crystal Method, Diplo as well as Wu-Tang Clan. Fans have immensely liked his performance with artists like Bassnectar, DJ Craze, Skream, Nero, as well as the famous Rusko among many others.Troy Beetles is famous for his musical influences like Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man and RZA. The sound of Datsik is a unique blend of different inspirations.

He has a robotic and dark sound which is at the same time maintaining the gangster and funky as well as dirty sound of his music. The concert of Datsik is something you really don’t want to miss at. The excitement of listening to his genre of music in a live concert is something no one can deny. For many his recordings may be interesting but watching him playing his music live is something that has no match in this world.Dubstep music is truly experienced in a lavish way, only when it is listened live. Datsik’s fans are probably the most excited people of this world. Be I nay venue they are seen spilling over the place. Datsik is a guy who has the ability to entertaining his fans in a superb way. For many years he has been in this field to entertain the dubstep music fans. Datsik discovered his magic of dubstep music during 2000s and since then he has been making people rock with his tune.

Since the time of his musical inception, Datsik has been making people enjoy their time in a great fashion. He has been doing tours all over the world to entertain fans. He hasreleased numerous recordings that have enchanted dubstep music lovers all over the world. Skipping on his musical performance is going to be very regretting for you, so you should act fast and get your Datsik tickets to enjoy the superb remixes and singles of Datsik. With his huge popularity Datsik tickets are expected to go out of stock soon so make sure you get your share of tickets to confirm your presence at the show.

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