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Das Racist is a renowned rap outfit found in Brooklyn within New York City . This phenomenal rap outfit has made a name for itself as one of the very best American rap groups of this time and has won awards as well as been ranked by the most influential publications as such. This extraordinary group, composed of three rap artists each renowned in one way or another has been behind some of the most smashing rap hit songs and has also released a number of albums. This Brooklyn rap group, Das Racist, is made up of Himanshu Suri, also known as Heems from Queens, Victor Vazquez, also known as Kool A.D from San Francisco and Ashok Kondabolu, also known as Dap from Queens . This trio is thus the best choice for a night filled with the most awesome rap, music that will make you want to move your feet on the spot; watchable live through the use of Das Racist tickets.

Das Racist, an astound rap group hailing from Brooklyn within New York City is well known all over the US as a group that performs some of the best live concerts ever. This rap group has its own signature style that blend in unconventional elements, humor and other tidbits to result in rap that has been hailed as a new voice. This amazing group first came to light back in 2008 with their hit song, Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell , that became an international sensation. This was followed soon after by two different mixtapes released in 2010 and titled as Sit Down, Man and Shut Up, Dude respectively. These two mixtapes were widely regarded as some of the best American rap of 2010 and many of their songs are still very popular and played regularly on radio.

The magazine, Spin, named Das Racist as one of the top fifty acts to be watched live as the SXSW 2010 festival. The same year, MTV Iggy ranked Das Racist as one of the Top Twenty Five Best New Bands in the World, something that places this band as one of the best in not only their genre, rap, but also outside of it. The renowned magazine, Rolling Stone, even went so far as to rank one of Das Racist’s songs , Hahahaha jk? as one of the Best Singles of 2010. Thus, when not one but three different renowned names in the world of music rank this rap group as one of the very best bands in the whole world and also rank one of their songs as one of the best, this means that Das Racist is something purely epic, something that should be seen live through Das Racist tickets.

Das Racist started several years ago when two of the group members, Victor Vazquez and Himanshu Suri, got together while at Middletown , Connecticut ’s Wesleyan University . Incidentally, Himanshu Suri and the third member of this band, Ashok Kondabolu had studied together at New York City ’s Stuyvesant High School . Thus, these three budding artists met together and formed Das Racist. These three rap artists thus began a journey on a road that led to where they are now, at the very top of rap music. This band is also a band with a purpose of social welfare, something few groups show an interest in today.

In 2008, Das Racist started turning heads with their sensational track, Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell . This song was soon being reviewed highly in the media and was receiving a lot of radio airplay across the US . It had also become a huge internet sensation and one of the most widely played songs at that time. During the same year, The Guardian praised Das Racist by calling it ‘funny and funky’ and even went so far as to rank them as One of Eight Bands Worth Checking Out. XLR8R Magazine also praised their song as a song that will ‘last the ages’.

In 2009, Das Racist performed at the CMJ Music Marathon. The next year, in 2010, Das Racist had the chance to release two different mixtapes. The first was Shut Up, Dude , a mixtape that was highly ranked by Pitchfork Media and received mind blowing reviews all over the music industry. This was followed by a video game and a video that was ranked by Pitchfork as one of The Forty Best of 2010 as well as screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. 2010 saw Das Racist release Sit Down, Man , a mixtape ranked at eight out of ten by Spin magazine and eight point seven out of ten by Pitchfork Media as well as regarded as the Best New Music by Pitchfork media. This mixtape received a record forty thousand downloads in its first week only. Thus, Das Racist are truly a band worth seeing perform phenomenal rap live, through the use of Das Racist tickets.

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