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Enjoy the exclusive trademark music that the popular electronic band brings your way. Over the years, Crystal Castles have toured extensively all across US and other parts of the world entertaining fans with their particular brand of music. Two members’ multi instrumentalist and producer Ethan and vocalist Alice make the band known for its energetic music. Music by Crystal Castles is characterized by digital beats and fiery vocals. Their albums and remixes have found much appreciation in the music circles and with their particular music style Crystal Castles have made a place for itself in the music industry in a short span of time.
With years they have evolved and experimented with their music style and have become a source of inspiration for many. They are also known for their explosive performances. Their concerts are a highly awaited event for the fans and therefore Crystal Castles tickets sell fast.
The band hails from Toronto, Ontario with Ethan Kath and Alice Grass as its only two members.  The band surfaced in 2004. Crystal Castles started off as a solo project of Ethan Kath. It was later that Alice joined him and together they continued to bring exclusive music to the world.  The beginnings of their musical journey started when Alice was only fifteen.  After hearing her when she was with her old punk band Fetus Fatale, Kath was impressed with her unique quality of lyrics. According to the artist himself he knew that he could trust Alice to come up with lyrics that were not cliché.  
Soon, he offered her to record vocals for his tracks. Kath uploaded Alice’s sound check recording online with the title Alice Practice which aroused the interest of many labels and became quite popular. It was later released by the two in 2006 with Merok Records that became the first official release by the band. The single was hugely popular and the limited edition sold out instantly.  
The duo proceeded to work on their own music together, releasing singles that enjoyed success. At the same time, Crystal Castles also continued to polish their remixing skills with other indie bands. They tuned songs for bands like Klaxons, Uffie, Bloc Party, GoodBooks and Health.  The first self titled album by the band was released in 2008 on the label Lie Records. The album which is a collection of singles from their previous four years landed on number 39 in National Musical Express list of Top 100 Greatest Albums of the Decade. It peaked at number 47 on UK Album charts.
Following its success, Crystal Castles came up with another eponymous album in 2010. The album was released ahead of its scheduled time when it was leaked online.  The second studio album released with the label Fiction Records featured the hit song Not in Love. Crystal Castles II landed on number 48 on UK Singles Chart and won acclaim from various music circles. Critics also appreciated the effort by the talented duo which was seen as a shift to a sound that was clearer and thus more appealing.
Along with the highs and lows that is part of every band’s musical journey the group also had its share of controversies. The controversies involved artwork permissions. Their chaotic shows have also got them much publicity. Apart from touring, Crystal Castles have also performed at various popular festivals.  
The onstage face of Crystal Castles is Alice Grass who gives the fans a memorable performance with her commanding presence. Energetic performances are the highlight of their concerts and the interaction Alice has with her crowds is always enjoyed by the crowds.Concerts by Crystal Castles feature her bouncing around on stage and there is a euphoric atmosphere which the fans love to be a part of. The touring over the years has attracted new fans and the huge fan following they have make Crystal Castles tickets hot items.

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A:Sorry we are not offering any such deal on Crystal Castles Tickets. You can still buy the tickets from us at the best possible rates.

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A:General admission means that Crystal Castles Tickets cant be booked beforehand. They will only be sold on first come, first served basis.