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Sports events are always a way of encouraging spectators to adopt a healthy lifestyle and get some time out of their busy lives to unwind as these events are pure thrilling entertainment for all the family members young to old. Cotton Bowl is also a riveting college football game event that has been regularly taking place for the past many decades and it has been a major source of entertainment for the people of Texas, 2009 Bowl Classic game attracted a crowd over 88000 fans which was the 2 nd highest attendance of the season. Watching the Cotton Bowl games is an experience never to be forgotten so all sports fans are invited hurry up! Grab your Cotton Bowl tickets only from us as we give you value for your money and your satisfaction is guaranteed!
Cotton Bowl history dates back to the 30’s decade and it was founded in Dallas Texas in 1937 with the first match held the same year with reasonable attendance of 17000 but it was not very profitable. One important match was held in 1939 which attracted a huge crowd of over 40000 played between St Mary’s and Texas Tech. This game event name has remained more or less the same but with a difference of sponsors, from 1937-88 it was known as Cotton Bowl Classics then from 1989-95 the name was changed to Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic as it was being sponsored by Oil giant Mobil then the famous phone company Bell took the sponsorship from 1996-99, SBC Communication Cotton Bowl Classic from 2000-05 and recently after acquisition of AT&T its current name is AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic. From 1937 to 2009 this event was regularly held at the Cotton Bowl Stadium situated on 1300 Robert B. Cullum Blvd Fair Park Texas but recently in 2010 it has been moved to the very beautifull dome shape Cowboys Stadium located in 900 E Randol Mill Rd, Arlington Texas with a capacity of over 80000 football fans.
In 1940, one of the Cotton Bowl games was a surprising one as the relatively novice Clemson upset their stronger rivals Boston College Eagles by 6-3, in 1947 another exciting match between LSU and Arkansas was played with a crowd attendance of 38000 but the match was termed as Ice Bowl mainly due to a 0-0 tie. In 1948 one of the strongest team of Dallas was SMU but history was created by the Penn-State as they managed to tie 13-13 with SMU which was the first ever tie in 25 years. In 1960 Syracuse star player Ernie Davis played a pivotal role in Syracuse defeating Texas 23-14 to win the National Championship and this great player made history by becoming the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy in 1961. Cotton Bowl classic in 1980 saw some of the finest quarterbacks like Babe Parilli, Bart Starr, Ken Stabler, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Troy Aikman and Eli Maning have been a part of this game and out of 4, 3 of Cotton Bowl Classic players were awarded the prestigious Heisman Trophy Doug Flutie in 1985, Bo Jackson in 1986 and Tim Brown in 1988. In 1996 BYU Cougars were the first team of Western Athletic Conference to defeat Kansas Wildcats 19-15.
In the decade of the AT&T Classic Bowl game has been regularly played on New Years day with some exceptions, in 2008 Tony Temple of Missouri broke the record of Dickey Meagle’s 265 yards by rushing 281 yards on 24 caries. The last game played in 2009 at the Cotton Bowl stadium was between Ole Miss Rebels and Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Tech’s star quarterback broke the unique NCAA record of most touch down passes thrown by anyone in Cotton Bowl history.
AT&T Cotton Bowl is a sporting event that has been one of the most exciting college football events and attracts thousands of viewers regularly, so you mustn’t miss this amazing event and the best way to be there is by getting your Cotton Bowl tickets only from so hurry grab your Cotton Bowl tickets and have all the fun.
Surely everyone loves football so we would definitely urge you to buy the Cotton Bowl Tickets for the post-session college foot ball games. Why wait for, just click and reserve your Cotton Bowl Tickets for the most enthralling and thrilling game. As all football lovers must know, Bowl Game is referred to post session college foot ball in the North America. Each fall, the Bowl games are organized.
Cotton Bowl is a stadium in Dallas Texas, where post session football games are organized. The stadium and games have been through several changes, however most recently the AT & T bought the sponsorship contract for the game and it very commendably got its audience attendance to 88, 175. This turned out to be the second most attended bowl game ever. Surprisingly the Cotton Bowl Stadium has a history of 80 years, with brighter future prospects. It is now time for the new champions to rise as the game comes your way again this fall. Buy your Cotton Bowl Tickets from us now and experience the big game.
You must enter into the new era of the Cotton Bowl stadium where it allows 91,100 spectators to watch the game live and enjoy it as players. The Grand Cotton Bowl Stadium presently has twice as many restrooms and concession stands. It is has brought the spectator comfort to the next level in the world of sports stadiums. It is a guaranteed life time experience, each time you visit it for the game. Therefore, all fool ball lovers must seize the Cotton Bowl Ticket just now from us for not missing the ultimate game.

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