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Musical concerts and activities are essential for keeping a society healthy and they nourish our souls and give vent to the creativity and aesthetics that lies within our minds. Events like Common Ground are fulfilling this social duty in a nice way and therefore are getting more and more popular among the masses with the passage of time.

Common Ground Music Festival is an annual festival that is organized in Lansing , where musicians from all over the world come every year to perform some of their best artwork. The venue is Adado Riverfront Park that is located near the Grand River in Lansing, Michigan . Performers as well as music lovers from all over the nation visit the venue as it features some of the best contemporary music and artists with great international fame and acclamation. Acts performed at Common Ground are carefully selected and only those artists that have an established repute and fan following are invited, ensuring quality of the event.

Apart from music, there is a wide variety of food and beverage options available at the venue. There are food vendors belonging to both local as well as international chains that have their stalls at the festival. Food quality and hygiene is carefully maintained to make sure the safety and health of the participants. There are other activities specifically focused on children and entertainment for the whole family is available. There are also present outdoor interactive events that attract children of all ages. With all the nice food and drinks options available as well as attractions for kids, Common Ground Music Festival is the place where the whole family can enjoy and have a good time together.

The festival activities continue for about a week, featuring musicians of national and international repute presenting their masterpieces. The event focuses on three core components, i.e. popular and quality musical performances, fun activities for the family and affordable but quality food products for the participants. Over the years, the festival has grown into a national level musical event. The management makes sure that convenience of people comes first, and entry to the venue is made possible through a multi day admission pass system. The visitors are given an option to enter the venue through an individual day pass or they can purchase a seven day pass that allows multiple entries throughout the week. Generally, it is believed that a seven day pass offers good value for money as it can be used by multiple people from a family or friends without the hassle of purchasing a new pass for every day. Once the pass is used for entry into the venue, there is a wide variety of entertainment options for the visitors. Mostly they are included in the entry pass but some of the arenas and facilities require the visitors to pay an affordable price for their utilization. People also have to pay for the food or drinks they enjoy at the venue, though that is provided at a subsidized rate.

The festival is arranged on an annual basis and its attendance has increased remarkably within the recent years. It is partly due to the fact that some great musicians have come to the surface in the past few years and partly because there are more people turning to music and there is an increase interest of common people in the society in music.

During summer season, it is hard to find a better entertainment package for music lovers in whole of the nation. The festival offers food, fun and music at the same place and ensures that no member of the family feels left out. For an ultimate exciting experience, grab your Common Ground tickets soon as they are in a very heavy demand!

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