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When it comes to music no one can beat the beats of the alternative rock band from Britain Coldplay. Emerging in the music scene in 2996, Coldplay made its position and became an inspiration for many in a pithy time. Chris Martin as the lead vocalist along with Jonny Buckland as the lead guitarist from University College London , Coldplay soon became the heartthrob of millions as their vocals were far beyond the ordinary trend of the times. Under the management of Phil Harvey, Coldplay knew no bounds once it teamed up with the bassist Guy Berryman and Will Champion as a drummer. The journey to success soon started as the team made a mutual effort and brought forward the EP’s that the music industry had been waiting for!

The three phenomenal EP’s that were recorded and later released in 1998 soon gained worldwide fame and so does Coldplay. With the release of the single Yellow in 2000, Coldplay brought its debut album Parachutes into the market. The lyrics and the outclass vocals collaborated in the nomination of Parachutes for the Mercury Prize . This was just the beginning of the new history that Coldplay had planned to pen down. A Rush of Blood to the Head was the second album that hit the music market in 2002 with some extremely praiseworthy reviews. The album not only gained very attractive reviews but also multiple awards with NME’s Album of the Year award as one of the most significant ones. The third album X &Y was rated as the best selling album throughout the whole world in 2005 garnering positive reviews.

The journey to bring forth immaculate performances and outclass music was not a joke as the immense hard work was put into the productions that made them popular worldwide. Eventually in 2008, the fourth album Death and All His Friends was released by the artistic production guideline provided by Brian Eno. The album garnered huge applause while not to forget the Grammy nominations and several awards at the 51 st Grammy Awards . Coldplay has introduced its own distinct flavor into the British Pop Music thus giving an air of new trends in the industry.

Just listing the awards might seem simple but the hard labor that has been put in to gain them is surely undeniable. Coldplay is one of the bands that has grabbed a huge sum of awards in its career including Best British Group award three times, six times Brit Award, seven Grammy Awards with almost twenty nominations and MTV Video Music Awards for four times. Coldplay has been rated as one of the world’s best-selling music artists thus reaching the huge benchmark of selling 50 million copies through out the world with success.

It is not just the music that is predominant on the minds of Coldplay rather they have been actively involved in the political and social causes too. Performing at Amnesty International and Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign, Coldplay has displayed their talent at various fronts. The charity projects have also graced their occasions with the performances by Coldplay. These charity programmes included the names of Sound Relief, Band Aid 20, Teenage Cancer Trust, Live 8 and many more. Coldplay has made its name in the industry thus establishing them not just for producing outclass music rather a great contributor in the social sector too. Grab the opportunity at the latest and get Coldplay tickets now as you will never get such a glorious chance ever in your life time! Witness Coldplay performing live before your eyes and this could only be possible with the Coldplay tickets in your pockets, so get them now at the best possible price ever! You will surely never regret this deal ever.

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