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From the world of teen R&B and pop comes Cody Simpson, an Australian pop musician originating from the island nation of Australia. He originates from Gold Coast in Queensland, a city in Australia. He has been signed onto the well known American music label, Atlantic Records. Part of the newer generation of pop singers out there, he is well known as an excellent singer and a live performer who always leaves fans wanting for more. His music also carries popular themes and discusses matters that are common everywhere with everyone. As such, particular for teens, Cody Simpson is an excellent pop singer you can watch live by simply grabbing Cody Simpson tickets. And if you are a fan, then there are all the more reason for you to do so.

Cody Simpson was born to Angie Simpson and Brad Simpson in a family of five. He has two siblings, both younger than him. He isn’t simply a man of looks but also a man of physique; he is a notable swimmer and has won two different gold medals in the Queensland Swimming Championships, under the patronage of Ken Nixon a coach with the Miami Swimming Club of which Cody Simpson was a member. In fact, Cody’s mother also worked as a volunteer at this same swimming club.

Cody Simpson’s career began in an unusual manner; a manner that is getting more common in this age of the internet. He started recording various covers of popular songs and then uploading them on YouTube. He started doing so in 2009 and the songs he played were covers of Justin Timberlake’s songs Cry Me A River and Senorita , covers of Jason Mraz’ song I’m Yours and a cover of the Jackson’s song I Want You Back . Added to these songs of popular artists, he even managed to record two songs and upload them on YouTube, titled One and Perfect . After uploading the videos of his covers and original songs, he was found on YouTube by the record producer, Shawn Campbell, a producer who has won a Grammy Award nomination and has produced for the likes of Jay-Z.

Shawn Campbell subsequently signed him up and began producing for him as well as introducing him to the music scene. He was first featured on the show, The 7:30 Report in the month of December in 2009, mere months after uploading his videos on YouTube. He then released his first single, his debut track, on 15 th of May in 2010. This single was titled as iYiYi and it also features vocals from a popular rap artist Flo Rida. This single was also released online on 30 th of the same month and its music video was also released the same day. His second single, Summertime , was released soon after and its music video saw a release date of September the 20 th in 2010.

Cody Simpson moved from Australia to the US in Los Angeles so as to better work on his music and to fully collaborate with his label, Atlantic Records, and his producer, Shawn Campbell. After moving to Los Angeles, he appeared on Sunrise and also signed up as part of the Camplified 2010 Tour. In this tour, he sang yet another new song titled as Love So Strong and stated that it was inspired by a girl back in Queensland, Australia in an interview with Popstar Magazine. Cody Simpson has also recorded a remix of I Want Candy for the animated movie, Hop and released an EP with 4 unreleased songs via iTunes in December 2010.

Cody Simpson’s new song, On My Mind , was released in April 2011. He stated that the song has been inspired by his fans and will be performed live at various tours that are ongoing year round. He has won a number of awards for his music. These include the Nickelodeon Australian Kids Choice Awards in 2010, the Breakthrough Of The Year Awards in 2010 as the Iconic Fan Favorite, an Icon of Tomorrow nomination, a Capricho Awards 2010 nomination under the International Singer category and a Hollywood Teen TV Awards nomination. So many hit songs and awards in such a short amount of time make him definitely the person to watch live though Cody Simpson tickets. So grab your deal and watch the superstar of tomorrow live in concert!

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