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The Cleveland Browns are the youngest team in the NFL right now and that is one of the biggest reasons why their results have been inconsistent. The up side is that this team has the potential to not only grow together but also reach the top. The Browns have managed to win eight league titles to go with eleven conference and thirteen division titles. The past few years have been a struggle but the core of a young aspiring team has been put into place now which will hopefully take them where they belong. Grab your Cleveland Browns football tickets to see if they can make their talents count.

The awesome Cleveland Browns are a pro football team based in the city of Cleveland within the Ohio state. This amazing American team is part of the American Football Conference’s North Division, with the AFC as part of the wider NFL. This breathtaking team has been the source of some of the most exciting NFL games and has a number of wins in its pockets to prove this. This pro football team first started out playing mind blowing professional football as a charter team within the AAFC, the All American Football Conference in 1946. in 1950, the Cleveland Browns joined the National Football League when the AAFC merged with the NFL. From then onwards, this team has called the NFL home and has played incredible football since then. In fact, you can easily watch the Cleveland Browns play live through Cleveland Browns tickets.

The exquisite Cleveland Browns were the best team as well as the team with the greatest success within the All America Football Conference. This team then went on to become part of the mere three teams that joined the NFL after the NFL AAFC merger in 1950. as with the AAFC, the Cleveland Browns made a name for themselves as one of the greatest teams in the NFL since their joining this league. This team has had an awe inspiring history as part of the NFL and since its debut in the world of pro American football, it has won a record eight League Championships, the equivalent of winning eight Super Bowls today.

The Cleveland Browns won all of the four AAFC League Championships that ever took place; a legendary historical achievement. In the NFL, the Cleveland Browns won four NFL League Championships and was one of the only two NFL teams that joined up with ten ALF former pro football teams to make up the American Football Conference within the NFL. This team has achieved a record that places it sixth amongst all the NFL teams; it has the Sixth Highest Winning Percentage in all of the NFL Franchises. This is an incredible record that places this team in the Top Ten of the NFL and a mere spot away from the Top Five of the NFL.

In the AAFC, the Cleveland Browns played in its Western Division. Within the NFL, the Cleveland Browns were first part of the American Conference for two years upon joining after which this team was part of the Eastern Conference from 1953 to 1969 as well spending the last two years in the Eastern Conference’s Century Division. In 1970, the Cleveland Browns joined the American Football Conference where they were part of AFC’s Central Division from 1970 onwards to 2001 with a gap of four years from 1995 to 1999. From 2002 onwards, the Cleveland Browns have been part of the AFC’s North Division.

Added to winning a record eight Super Bowl equivalent League Championships, the Cleveland Browns have also won numerous other championships. They have won a total of eleven Conference Championships; three NFL American Conference Championships and eight NFL Eastern Conference Championships. The Cleveland Browns have also won a record thirteen Division Championships; four AAFC Western Division Championships, three NFL Century Division Championships and six AFC Central Division Championships.

The Cleveland Browns have seen a record twenty eight Playoff Appearences; four of this when the team was part of the AAFC and twenty four as part of the NFL. This team first started playing at the Cleveland Municipal Stadium from 1946 to 1996 after which the team has been playing ball at the Cleveland Browns Stadium. This team has fierce rivalries with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens. This team also had a legendary and historical rivalry with the San Francisco 49ers, a rivalry that spawned when the teams were part of the AAFC but has now turned into a friendly relationship.With twenty one of its players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, this is a team that deserves to be seen live through Cleveland Browns tickets, an experience that is truly life changing and phenomenal.

There is no sport in the US that attracts more attention and has more fans than football. The whole country is just crazy for football and that can be seen when you look at how thousands of people fill up stadiums throughout the year while millions are stuck to their television screens at home. A game night in the US is truly a carnival where people get together to watch their favorite teams battle it out. Football in the US is governed by the National Football League that organizes the season and is responsible for expansion teams and all other affairs.

The Cleveland Browns are one team that have been in the NFL for a very long time and have truly been on a roller coaster ride throughout. The team truly started out playing for the All-America Football Conference in 1946 and was the most successful team in the conference, winning all four championships in the four years that the team was there. The team then moved to the National Football League in 1950 and continued its success in its first few years in the new league. The team has won a total of eight league championships, four in the AAFC and four after they moved to the NFL. They have also won a total of 8 conference championships in the NFL and 13 division championships. All this success, unfortunately, came before 1970 and the team has failed to win any championships since then.

The most interesting thing about the Cleveland Browns is that they have made a record 28 playoff appearances. There was a time when the Cleveland Browns would make the playoffs every year consecutively but would still fail to win the championship. This streak of reaching the playoffs has continued till recently when they reached the playoffs in 2002 but still just couldn't get enough to win the playoffs.Another interesting fact about the Cleveland Browns is the whole Baltimore Ravens controversy in 1995. The owner of the Cleveland Browns in 1995 wanted to relocate the team to Baltimore but the overwhelming fan support of the team and ballots stopped him from doing so. People sued the owner and the media went on a frenzy to try and stop their beloved team from being taken away from them.

All the effort worked and the team was eventually kept in Cleveland but in a move never seen before, all the players and staff were moved to Baltimore as the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns would return to the NFL after a three year hiatus and would field a brand new expansion team in 1999.While the team hasn't enjoyed much success recently, fans of the Cleveland Browns know how important it is to be at the Cleveland Browns stadium every time their team is playing and support them through thick and thin. If you are such a fan who doesn't want to give up on their team and wants to see them do amazing stuff this year, make sure you get your Cleveland Browns tickets as soon as you can.

The Cleveland Browns might be a bit younger than teams they are coming up against but that also brings with it the exuberance of youth, the fearlessness and the will to fight against all odds. Soon, they will prove to the world that they belong to the top of the league. The management has put its faith in a lot of talented players and by the looks of it; the move will pay off sooner rather than later. You can support them by buying Cleveland Browns season tickets and following them all through the season in home and away games.


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