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Cirque du Soleil Ka
A new era in the culture of American stage starts with the performances Cirque du Soleil’s Ka. If you would even try to compare this production with any other variety of performance that would dissolve the brilliance of Robert LaPage’s masterpiece. Ka is a performance in which the story is told in movement not verbally. It?s entirely different from traditional ballet; it can be easily categorized as a whole new type of performing art.
The title of this show Ka is inspired by Egyptian ancient concept of “ka,” that means that there is an invisible spiritual replica of the physical body that remains with every human being through out this life as well as the next. In Cirque Du Soleil – Ka””, the majestic Twins and their respective ka travels through an epic journey, bearing ocean storms, meeting incredible creatures and defeating evil opponents, and reunited finally. Ka carries the trademark of Cirque du Soleil. It shows perfect consideration to detail, design. Spectators experience performances filled with talented acrobats and trapeze artists. Ka in itself is one of the most innovative shows ever staged. It is further bewildered by Ka the theatre that was especially built for Ka performance. This multi-million mansion was a masterpiece involving fantastic set designers’ original thinking creates drastic stage elements and special effects which incorporate flying warriors, huts transformed into birds and battles viewed from above. The imagery presented in the show is awesome. A flamboyant Odyssey in the form of a video presentation comprising on 10 years of magic! This particular show transports the audiences into the very soul of Cirque du Soleil universe. You can say that more than a traditional retrospective or nostalgia, this 10th-anniversary program focuses the core of Cirque du Soleil. It reflects amazing energy and spirit that has charmed audiences through out the world.A new theatrical show KA the unparallel show by Cirque du Soleil at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, presents astonishing acrobatic performances coupled with the thrills and action of martial arts from all over the world than in addition incredible innovations in puppetry, multimedia and pyrotechnics. Collectively, they narrate the epic story of twins on a hazardous journey to accomplish their mutual fate. You can say that the basic illustration in the show is to elaborate the concept of the nature of duality. The visual language of cinema is brought by KA to a stunning live event which is more about storytelling than any earlier Cirque production. The show’s main theme of duality is highlighted by the conflicting powers of fire to construct and to destroy.
It?s been a year this splendid show Ka started. The stage was sparkled by extra-ordinary team of over 300 performers, technicians and other support staff that goes on an adventurous and mind blowing voyage that push beyond the walls of human skills as well as technology. The excellent wardrobe, amazing light effects and talented musicians make it an instant success. It would be pretty hard to mention everyone?s name. But there are few names that whoever has seen ?Ka? once will not forget.
Jennifer Haight KA Artist (USA), Marylene Hickok KA Artist (Canada), Derek Jones KA Musician (USA), Reinaldo Noguti KA Artist (Brazil), Matt Salcedo KA Artist (USA) and Cuong Thoong KA Artist (UK), these are the diamonds of Cirque du Soleil Ka production that over shines all other gems scattered on the stage during the whole performance.

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