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Cinematic Titanic, from the creators and team behind the wildly famous Mystery Science Theater 3000, abbreviated commonly as MST3K, is a fantastic productions, a show that has already been seen by countless Americans all over the US. This fabulous show is one of the best of its kind, unique in its format and one of the best forms of live entertainment ever seen in America. In fact, Cinematic Titanic is the only one of its kind and is brought about by the same people behind Mystery Science Theater 3000. Cinematic Titanic is also similar to this show in its format but it makes use of new ideas and innovations to make it even more awesome than it was. Thus, fans of MST3K or anyone who wants to find out just what Cinematic Titanic is all about should definitely get hold of Cinematic Titanic Tickets. Watching this show live is an experience that will be unforgettable for everyone, the perfect blend between theatre, comedy and parodies.

Cinematic Titanic is written by and stars the same team of highly talented performers; Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Mary Jo Pehl and J. Elvis Weinstein. Each of these is famous as being part of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and as part of Cinematic Titanic, a fantastic show that debuted back in 2007, filled with one and a half hour of the most amazing American entertainment around. It was created by the man behind MST3K, Joel Hodgson, who was also the host of the original program. Cinematic Titanic is a show that revolves around poking fun at and riffing the so-called B-movies. Alongside much of the original Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast, Cinematic Titanic was first premiered in 2007 near the Christmas holidays and has since then taken place many times at many places.

This fascinating live show is unique and one of kind. In this show, there are several rifer silhouettes placed at the sides of the screen featuring clips from a famous B-movie with the performers then going on to riff the clips being played by using the silhouettes. There are also a number of different visual gags that are used in the show, a famous example being the cherry picker that is featured on a riff of the famous B-movie, The Oozing Skull. Each episode of the show is made up of two to three different host segments, each as hilarious and unbelievable as the other. The plot behind each performance of Cinematic Titanic is also astounding and mind blowing.

The plot behind Cinematic Titanic is at once breathtaking and if filled with an air of mystery and suspense. The cast of Cinematic Titanic are basically playing themselves and are involved in an experiment that is being controlled by a shadowy and unknown group whose identity is speculated as being a military faction or a huge corporation. The cast are then told that is an enormous threat facing the whole world known as electron scaffolding and it is a danger to digital media spread out all over the world. This unknown group controls the cast through the use of a large and well trained dangerous military armed force and has held the cast in an abandoned and very secret facility. In fact, the cast is not allowed to leave the facility and can do nothing other than work on what they are told, being regularly forced to watch bad B-movies. Aside from that, there are no big problems but the story is still ongoing.

Each performance and production of Cinematic Titanic brings about a new story of that involves riffing of bad B-movies as well as the ongoing story with the shadowy and unknown organization that holds them hostage. Cinematic Titanic has also been released as Live DVDs with numerous DVDs released to date, each based on a famous B-movie being riffed. Some shows also feature movies riffed off when the cast was part of Mystery Science Theater 3000, a show that received numerous awards including one Peabody Award, two Emmy Award nominations, one CableACE Award nomination and having Time magazine list them as one of the 100 Best TV Shows of All Time.

Numerous live shows performed by Cinematic Titanic occur at many cities all over America. Therefore, to go see this show live for the most hilarious and exciting time of your life, all you need are Cinematic Titanic Tickets.

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