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The story of Cinderella cuts across class barriers and social strata more sharply than anything that the hapless protagonist was able to use in removing the grease of the pots and pans that she had to scrub in her stepmother’s kitchen. The first version of this tale of social evolution came out at the turn of the 18th century in France and has spawned a multitude of variants since then. Hence, for centuries, this eye-opening piece of literature has served as a cultural challenge to the baseless notion that individuals or groups of people marginalized from the basic amenities of life are mired in their prevailing predicament of their own accord. Instead, they have been entered in a state of want by social or familial elements that have indulged in their own greed and exploitation of others to no end. Score some Cinderella tickets now to behold this timeless societal mirroring entwined in a scintillating ballet vocabulary.

Spread over three acts, the traditional Cinderella ballet drops in on the eponymous character tending to her two spoilt “Ugly Sisters” who squabble amongst each other like rabid dogs. Cinderella‘s father, though not having to toil and sweat like his daughter is nonetheless the perpetual target of the sisters’ henpecking. Poor Cinderella is not even able to dance her troubles away as when the dancing master comes over to teach, she ends up being shunned from the lesson. All of this was in preparation for dancing at the Prince’s ball to which Cinderella‘s Stepsisters have been invited but she herself has been strategically left out, possibly because of the machinations of the diabolical duo. However, Cinderella‘s treatment of a beggar woman garners her the whole nine yards for attending the ball from her fairy godmother, gown, carriage, footwear, courtiers and all. The Prince is immediately smitten by the ethereal looking Cinderella, and after dancing with her all evening, anxiously tries to hold on to her past midnight but is left holding her glass slipper. Afterwards, the Prince uses the glass slipper akin a genetic marker to trace out its original wearer. Though Cinderella‘s two conniving sisters mutilate themselves in order to achieve a fit, but it’s Cinderella who has the last laugh when she snugly dons the glass slipper on her foot and then puts the one in her possession on the other one, whereby sealing her happy ending.

One of the most prominent ballet renderings of Cinderella was courtesy Marius Petipa and entailed a libretto by Lidia Pashkova and Ivan Vsevolozhsky, with music by Baron Boris Vietinghoff-Scheel. It was performed by the Imperial Ballet of the Russian Empire in 1893. In addition to this iconic ballet version serving as a blue print for subsequent ones, another notable interpretation was by Frederick Ashton who choreographed his piece in 1948, basing it on the score of the famed Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev who had composed his version in the early 1940s.

Though inspired by his musings of a Pepita ballet, Ashton’s version incorporates shades of comedy laced with the shenanigans of Cinderella‘s pantomiming Stepsisters and emphasizes Cinderella‘s sidestepping and pirouetting en pointe that replaces the traditional glass slipper. Originally performed by The Royal Ballet, Ashton’s Cinderella weaves the mysterious and enchanting themes contained within the story with Prokofiev’s score that was crafted on the lines of the great Tchaikovsky composition, with the former dedicating his composition to the latter.

The North American run of Cinderella entails various US and international ballet companies unfolding their versions on stages across the nation. One of the foremost amongst these is the Moscow Festival Ballet. This young ballet company can hold its own against the seasoned veterans and has been performing staples such as Don Quixote, Giselle, Carmen and Paquita as well as Cinderella off late under the direction of its founder Sergei Radchenko who infuses elements of his experience in the Kirov and Bolshoi Ballet entities into his own creations. So scrounge up some Cinderella tickets now for turning your sooty worldview into an enlightened milieu.

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