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Cincinnati Bengals, the American Football team from Cincinnati was formed by its head coach ‘Paul brown’ in 1966. In 1970, it became associated with the National Football League and within a few years they established a great fan following. Throughout the seventies and eighties, the team enjoyed a good winning streak but unfortunately didn’t win any of the Super Bowl championships. After the death of team’s pioneer Paul Brown, the control was taken by his son Mike Brown but he couldn’t manage to look after the matters properly. The team has now made a good comeback and the Cincinnati Bengals Football Tickets have again seen a boost in demand.

Bursting with explosive force and bristling with lightning-fast reflexes, the Bengal Tiger is a formidable adversary to encounter in the wild. The 300 pound beast, though being majestic in its appearance, will fight literally to the tooth and nail to defend its brood and territory. Once, thousands of these orange, black and white stripped dynamites prowled the jungles of South Asia. But after a century of poaching and killing in human-animal encounter, less than 2,500 members of this species survive. Hence, though native to India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan, one lot of these exotic beasts has been reared and nurtured in the American Midwest and is as indigenous to the region as the “Buckeyes” themselves. Roaring into existence around four decades ago as the football team of Cincinnati Bengals, they are members of the AFC’s North Division and make their habitat in the Paul Brown Stadium in Downtown Cincinnati.

The current Cincinnati Bengals are the feline namesakes of the team that played in the American Football League from 1937-1941. The original Cincinnati Bengals underwent a tumultuous 4-year season-to-season existence marked by the folding and rebirth of the AFL, eventually being indefinitely dissolved. When the AFL was reincarnated in the 1960s, a spanking new Cincinnati Bengals franchise was created by Pro Football Hall of Famer Paul Brown. Paul drew upon his experience of founding and coaching the Cleveland Browns from 1946-62 and settled for the Bengals to initially play in the AFL on an assurance that they would eventually become part of NFL following the two leagues’ impending merger. Playing their first season in the University of Cincinnati's Nippert Stadium, the Cincinnati Bengals migrated to the Riverfront Stadium and then settled into their current home at the turn of the century.

For the past 15 years, the Cincinnati Bengals have been using the Toyota Stadium located within Georgetown College as their training camp, where the fledgling tiger cubs are toughened into charging brutes and then put through their paces. Their initial training facilities were located at the Wilmington College up till 1997 and their move to Georgetown was prompted by the latter upgrading its facilities as per state-of-the-art standards. The 1970s saw the Cincinnati Bengals ride upon the backs of players such as Ken Anderson that the team recruited from small-town Augustana College. Ken led the Bengals’ growling offense for 16 seasons and was instrumental as a four-time AFC individual passing champion. Another pouncing barrel of strength and agility was the tackle Anthony Muñoz. Coming in as a first round draft pick in 1981, Anthony charged across the field in the next 11 seasons.

The Cincinnati Bengals have picked up two conference championships in their 43-year history. The first came in 1981, when the Bengals knocked out San Diego 27-7 in the respective AFC championship a.k.a. Freezer Bowl that was akin to battling it out in the Arctic tundra. With the mercury sinking down to a bone-chilling 59 degrees below zero, the Bengals froze out San Diego to pounce upon their first Super Bowl, only to be thwacked away by the San Francisco 49ers. Claiming their second AFC championship in 1988, the Bengals got their second swipe at the Super Bowl. The 49ers yet again blew the Bengal’s Super Bowl claiming attempt, courtesy of touchdown passes of the legendary Joe Montana. The Cincinnati Bengals additionally console themselves with their 9 NFL Playoff appearances and 7 division championships within their respective conference.

When the Cincinnati Bengals unsheathed their claws back in 1968, they did so being donned in uniforms and gear modeled after Paul Brown’s old team the Cleveland Browns. However, after more than a decade of matching colors with the Browns, the Bengals received their definitive tiger stripes in 1981 and over the years have further refined and groomed their feline features. Unlike their counterparts in the wild, the Cincinnati tigers are a highly close-knit group, marked by their adopting the “No-Huddle Offense” even with seconds remaining on the clock. So book your Cincinnati Bengalstickets now for some two-legged tigers to show you “Who Dey” be the kings of “The Jungle”.

If you enjoy American Football, then you must not miss out Cincinnati Bengals Season Tickets that have a constant demand throughout the year. Marvin Lewis is coaching the team currently, and during the past few years it has appeared in the playoffs and won division championships as well. Two of its former players have become the most valuable NFL players and the Bengals are in full form these days. They have the capability to become the next Super Bowl Champions as they already are enjoying a great season. Wearing black and white uniform, the team players will provide you with an extraordinary football experience live!  


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