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Chris Webby is a spectacular upcoming rapper hailing from the suburbs of the city of Connecticut, one of the greatest cities in the US. His actual name is Christian Webster but he performs and releases albums under the name of Chris Webby or Webby, as his fans like to call him. He is amongst the new generation of rappers that are being seen evolving in the US and his style is pretty much freestyle. But that hardly means that this young artist is behind; anyone in terms of talent. Indeed, it is what sets him aside since his is a genuine rap filled with emotions, stories and a purpose. This is very much unlike commercial rap and is a sign of a new age in the world of rap music.
Chris Webby studied at a local private school in the suburbs of Connecticut. Despite suffering from ADD, he went on and graduated from school followed by being a student of the Hofstra University situated in Long Island. He is currently a student here and studies as well as raps regularly. He has released several mixtapes and regularly goes on tour; such as his amazing summer tours that go around the US in many venues and that usually feature special guests.
Chris Webby is particularly fond of the cartoon, Ninja Turtles as well as of the famous cartoon movie series, Lion King. He even has a tattoo of the Lion King character, Simba on his leg and a Transformers tattoo on his chest. He is fond of the 40s and of blunts and keeps pets. Reviewers have compared Chris Webby to Asher Roth and many say that his lyrics are very witty. In fact, Chris Webby’s lyrics usually make a person want to smile or even have a laugh.
Chris Webby’s music covers a lot of topics. These include the usual teen issues; women and parties as well as his love of the Transformers, Lion King and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is shown by the fact that one of his mixtapes is titled as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper. His love for music began at a young age. He was particularly fond of hip hop and listened to it as a form of entertainment as well as a sort of cultural statement. He soon became deeply involved in this hip hop culture and was particularly attracted to it because it was dynamic. He says that it was a changing and adapting hip hop culture that helped him cope with times. Chris Webby quotes the song Forgot About Dre as having attracted him to the world of hip hop.
In terms of influences, Chris Webby mentions a number of artists. Foremost amongst them comes Eminem, one of the greatest rappers in the world, and he was what inspired Chris Webby and made him start rapping rhymes. Other influences are Ludacris, Jadakiss, Fab and Busta. People have compared Chris Webby to artists like Eminem, and Lil Wayne. In the course of his career as an artist, Chris Webby has opened up for many big artists. Some of them include Shwayze and Lupe Fiasco. His present manager is Avi Finkiel.
What makes this particular rapper unique is the fact that he has achieved so much success despite not being signed onto any label. Many fans believe that he is signed onto a label what with all his success but he actually isn’t. in fact, once fans learn of this, they appreciate it since this is what makes his rap so unique and free from commercial influences. He has performed at such venues as Middle East in Cambridge in the great city of Boston. His fifth mixtape, Best of the Burbs, pretty much crashed the website,, within thirty minutes of being placed due to that large number of downloads for this mixtape. It received around sixty thousand plays and downloads, even despite the release of mixtapes by artists like Diggy Simmons, Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross.
All in all, Chris Webby has released the following mixtapes; Move Over Marshall Mixtape, The UnderClassmen Mixtape, Optimus Rhyme Mixtape, Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper Mixtape, The White Noise LP and Best of the Burbs Mixtape. If you are looking for a freestyle rapper with witty music, look no further than Chris Webby, grab those Chris Webby tickets and enjoy his amazing freestyle rap!

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