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Winning three World Series titles, Chicago White Sox is a team of MLB and playing in its Central Division has won three titles. The opponent teams face a mighty competition when it comes face to face with the World Series champions. U.S Cellular Field presents a spectacle of thousands of fans cheering for their champs and a particular energy of the game in the environment which is tempting for every baseball fan in general and White Sox fans in particular, who then rush to book their Chicago White Sox tickets as soon as they come out in the markets. White Sox have showed with their past record that it is a team which the fans can look up to for a thrilling action packed game and it won't disappoint them!For Event Schedule and available tickets for Chicago White Sox please click Buy

Chicago White Sox represent Chicago, Illinois in the major league baseball games, as they play in the Central Division of the American League of the Major League Baseball. Presently White Sox play their home games at U.S. Cellular Field, which was formerly known as the New Comiskey Park. Apart from Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs also represent Chicago, Illinois in the National League of MLB. White Sox are nicknamed "The South Siders" or the "ChiSox", while the Cubs are also known as "the Pale Hose".

Chicago White Sox joined the major league baseball in 1901, as the American League's Charter Franchise. Initially when the club was formed, it was named Chicago White Stockings, but it was later changed to its present form that is Chicago White Sox. After its formation team played its home games at South Side Park and played their home games there until 1910, when they moved to Comiskey Park now known as the U.S Cellular Field.White Sox's roster is known of having some of the most famous players in the game including Ed Walsh. Baseball Hall of Famer, Ed Walsh, played all the seasons with White Sox, except one, through out his sporting career. Frank Thomas, known for scoring more than 500 home runs throughout his career, also played for the White Sox and scored most of those home runs while playing for the South Siders. Some of the other famous baseball players that have played for White Sox include Steve Carlton, Tom Seaver, Jim Thome, and Ken Griffery, Jr.

Now days Chicago is the only city that hold two major league baseball teams, but before 1960's same was the case with St. Louis, New York and Philadelphia as well. All these cities also had one team playing in the American League, while the other one in National League. The case, however, was different on the part of New York, as it had two teams playing in National League and one playing in American League. However, later all the cities except Chicago lost their franchises leaving them with only one. Philadelphia and St. Louis lost is American League teams, while New York lost both of its National league teams. Due to interleague Play, both Cubs and White Sox get to play against each other six times every year, which has created a unique rivalry amongst the two clubs.

Since 1983's roster, White Sox had its one of the best rosters again in 2000, and with such a forceful roster, the team claimed its victory in 95 games on its way to American League Divisional finals. But unlike their 1983 roster, this time its 2000 roster wasn't able to advance further to the post season as it was defeated by the Seattle Mariners in the Division Series. Since 2000 season, White Sox won their first American League Division title in 2005 after scoring the team's best major league season. In their 2005 the strategy of the team changed as well, as they paid more attention on their speed and defenses rather than power hitting.

Keeping in view the rich winning history of the team, this season will be as much thrilling and exciting as any previous season. With a lineup of players as talented as White Sox, the team is coming once again to show that it's the best baseball team around. Whether it's Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees or Washington Nationals, White Sox know just how to compete well with its opponents and the baseball battle is what fans wait impatiently for. Watching a game or two in U.S Cellular Field is an experience like no other. With Chicago White Sox tickets out in the market, fans should be booking their tickets at their first instance because missing the White Sox games will be such a loss.

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