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Currently on her self-titled North American tour, Celine Dion has today reached a legendary status having spawned numerous hits. Canadian by nationality, she has produced albums in both English and French, finding success in both. She made her debut in 1980 and in 1990 released ‘Unison’, her premier English record. Her latest album is scheduled to hit the shelves in 2013 and is titled ‘Water and a Flame’. Celine Dion concert tickets are now available for her tour and considering her huge fan following are selling out fast. If you want to listen to the live version of “My Heart Will Go On” then get your hands on those tickets now.

Celine Dion is a legendary singer who has captivated audiences with her sensational strong voice. This talented singer started off in Quebec, Canada, where she began her singing career at just age 14. She belonged to a large French family who encouraged her to pursue her dream; Celine began singing for the French audience and won the Yamaha songwriting contest in Japan. Audiences were touched by Celine's powerful voice and her ability to sing with raw emotion. Celine has released many albums that ruled the music charts, including hits such as "My heart will go on" and many other blockbuster movie theme songs. We now have available Celine Dion Tickets on our site.
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Melodious voice, powerful vocals, control over her pitch and tone, all combined with some of the greatest and meaningful lyrics define a great artist of modern day, named Celine Dion. Once you listen to her, you become a fan of hers!Having her roots in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada, the talented singer, entrepreneur, song writer and actress Celine Dion emerged as a shining star in the music and entertainment industry in 1980s. Her name at birth was Celine Marie Claudette Dion , and she was born on March 30, 1968. She belongs to a family that had not seen much riches, but as she narrates herself, had a great family life. Her family always adored music and her parents had a good taste for it, and she was named Celine after a song that was released two years before her birth by a French singer Hugues Aufray.

It was not before early 1980s that Celine Dion got discovered by the critics. Her brother sent her first recording that was done by a collective effort of all her family, to a music manager Rene Angelil whom he only knew about after reading his name on back of a recording. Rene Angelil realized the potential contained in her voice, and decided to gamble on it by putting his own house on mortgage to finance her first recording as he believed in her talent and voice quality. The first single they released became an instant hit, establishing Celine Dion as a local star, and giving her and Rene Angelil the confidence to move on further. She participated in Yamaha World Popular Song Festival that was held in Tokyo, Japan in 1982, winning a gold medal for the Best Song as well as the musician’s award for Top Performer . This success made her recognized on an international level, but her fame was only as a French singer. To explore more possibilities as an international singer, learning English language was a must for her that she did after some effort.

Celine Dion made her debut in English songs two years after learning English with an album titled Unison , released in 1990. After some effort, her voice quality and style of singing was polished according to the requirements of English songs with the help of some of her senior artists. Her single titled Where Does My Heart Beat Now was able to reach number four position on Billboard Hot 100 charts. After some more of her English songs being popular internationally, her French fans began criticizing her for not giving French songs enough attention and, in a way, neglecting them. Celine was also awarded the title of English Artist of the Year award by Felix Awards , but she refused the award on an ideological basis, telling the management that she is and would always remain a French singer and not an English one. It was in early 1990s that her relationship with her first manager Rene Angelil took a romantic shape, and both finally wedded in 1994. Her next released album was also dedicated to her husband, and had most of the songs on subject of love and passion. One of the songs from that album even won her a Grammy’s Award .

Her career was at its culmination during late 1990s, when unfortunately her husband and the person whom she owed a great deal for her international fame and career, was diagnosed with cancer. Dion decided to take a break from her blooming career to give more time to him as well as to start a family. She remained away from the mainstream for about three years, and returned with her new album titled A New Day Has Come in 2002. The album was rated number one on Billboard 200 charts.With over 175 million copies sold, Celine Dion received Chopard Diamond Award in 2004 at the World Music Awards as the Best Selling Artist of All Time (female). To date, more than 200 million copies of her albums have been sold, and she enjoys being called as one of the best skilled artists, with technically powerful vocals. For anyone who wonders what real beautiful music is, Celine Dion tickets surely have the answer! We all have read about fairytales in books, seen them in films but very rarely do we encounter a real life fairytale story. Everyone knows Celine Dion, have heard her, praised her and been her ardent fan. However do you know that hers is one of the very few, heart-moving, inspiring fairytales?

Let us enlighten you. Celine Dion, now known as one of the biggest female performers , comes from a very humble background. The youngest of fourteen brothers and sisters, Dion grew up in rural French Canadian hometown. Recalling her childhood period as the “happiest” and the most “peaceful”, the diva grew up amidst musically gifted family. All her siblings had great voices and were familiar with different instruments. Dion’s parents owned a small club, where the entire family would perform and entertain the guests. Together they would hum all-time favourite melodies, awing the audiences and creating loyal listeners. From a very young age Celine Dion outshined her peers and hers was a unique voice that stood apart. At the age of twelve she composed a French song, “It was only a dream” and with the help from her brother sent it to a record producer Rene Angelil . Thus begins Dion’s classic fairytale journey.

As common with the record producers, her demo tape was lying among a huge heap, unnoticed. When Angelil received a call from Dion’s brother, claiming that if he didn’t hear her tape he would be making the biggest mistake of his life, the producer dug it out, listened to it and was moved to tears. He not only found great potential in Celine Dion but also found her voice unique, laced with raw emotions and feelings. Rene Angelil then and there decided to make Celine a star. With him the superstar took her first steps towards international stardom and became a shooting star. Angelil mortgaged his house to finance Celine Dion’s first two albums; having complete faith that she wouldn’t let him down. And she didn’t.

Her debut album “The Voice of the Good God” was a huge hit, earning the diva huge accolades as well as critical acclaim. Released in French, the tracks highlighted her powerful vocals and her ability to reach high notes with ease. Celine Dion spread her success and popularity to the other parts of the world by contesting in and winning Yamaha World Popular Song Festival , which took place in 1982, in Tokyo, Japan. In the competition she performed the song, “I have so much love for you” and her astounding performance got her a gold medal as well as the Top Performer award. After releasing a series of French albums, in 1990 Celine Dion released her first English record, “Unison”. Certified as platinum, it also earned the artist numerous awards in the categories “Album of the Year” as well as the “Female Vocalist of the Year”. The album was collaboration with the famous record producer David Foster . Finding solace in soft rock ballad, Dion produced hit tracks like “Where Does My Hear Beat Now”, “The Last to Know”, “Unison” and “If There Was Any Other Way”

Inspired by the icons like Michael Jackson when she was 18, Celine Dion is now an inspiration herself for many aspiring musicians. Her soundtrack for the Disney animated movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ earned her a Grammy Award and she bagged another one for her blockbuster hit “My Heart Will Go On”. The latter ended up being ‘Record of the Year’. If you’re looking for the cheapest Celine Dion tickets then try your luck on our site. You can also make use of the discount offers but for that you need to hurry so that it doesn’t expire.

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