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The second longest running musical in Broadway history, Cats is making its way to stage again! The story inspired from ‘The Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’, the musical is centered on the concept of what drives the thinking process of cats. Their social behavior is a phenomenon which if analyzed in detail is actually interesting. The show has been popular around the world, evident from its recognitions of Laurence Olivier and Tony Awards in the categories of ‘The Best Musical’. Cats Tickets are still sold like hot cakes as soon as the event schedule is published online.
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Cats is a Broadways musical based on the work of the legendary poet T S Eliot and his book Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats . The lyrics, besides Eliot, are also by Richard Stilgoe and Trevor Nunn . The music is composed by multiple-award winner Andrew Lloyd Weber . The musical premiered on May 11, 1981. Like Eliot’s book the musical is about feline psychology and social behavior. Written for children, initially Eliot’s children, the musical incorporates some insightful messages about life, afterlife and the social being. The poems Eliot wrote were initially a part of letters that he wrote to his grandchildren. These were written during the 30s and Eliot’s pen name was Old Possum.

Cats is a two-act musical that narrates the story of a tribe who come together every year to choose a cat to reincarnate. The cats come, one by one, and introduce themselves to the audience before the final contender is chosen. Following the overture, the cats get together and tell the human audience what the Jellicle tribe is all about and how the cats are named in the tribe. The white cat Victoria dances to the beginning of the Jellicle tribe followed by Munkustrap putting the reincarnation of a cat into the Heaviside Layer . The cat, the audience is informed, will be chosen by Old Deuteronomy.

Munkustrap then introduces Jennyandots who sings about her midnight excursions with mice and cockroaches. She is interrupted with a quick shift in the music with Rum Tum Tugger’s energetic entrance. She is the cat with leopard spots, who is indecisive and can’t be easily appeased. Grizabella stumbles upon the stage – she is a sad grey cat and this time other cats, and not she, narrate the tale of her sad life. Bustopher Jones enters and he is no ordinary cat. He belongs to the elite and frequents high end clubs. Jones’ act ends with a startle and it is none other than Macavity. She is followed by a duo that is bad news for humans, the almost identical cats Rumpleteazar and Mungojerrie. Finally the Patriarch Old Deuteronomy enters. He is vital because the ultimate decision lies with him. The first act ends with Grizabella’s short performance of Memory despite opposition from his peers.

The Jellicle Ball ends and Gus moves forward. He was once a famous actor but is now worn out and unhappy. He tells about a famous part he once played. Skimbleshanks is sleeping in the corner of a railway station. Macavity, the most criminal mind of all the cats draw a net over Old Deuteronomy and capture him. Macavity re-enters as Old Deuteronomy and fights with two cats who force him to retreat. Mr Mistoffelles is a magician cat and he manages to recover Old Deuteronomy. He takes and position and allows the somber Grizabella to address the audience the last time and is finally chosen to make her journey to Heaviside Layer. The show ends with Old Deuteronomy’s concluding speech.

Cats is the second longest running shows on Broadway with some of the legendary actors playing its leads. It has been awarded several awards including Lawrence Olivier Award for Musical of the Year, seven Tony Awards including for Best Musical, the prestigious French Moliere Prize for Best Musical besides other awards in Japan and Canada. The musical has been translated into more than ten languages and has been performed worldwide. Its original director, choreographers and composer were acclaimed names who set a trend for the coming generations through their classic. A few actors have even remained consistent with their performances since its premier in 1981.

Cats is not only appreciated for its complex characters and interesting plot but also the profundity that the seemingly simple plots shows. During the first show, theater-goers enjoy the music and the performances but people usually go for the subsequent shows to ‘see what they missed’ in the previous performances. This is what sets Cats apart from other Broadway musicals – the subtle meaning accompanied by verse that are true to human life and experience but remain ingrained in the plot as well. Cats can be enjoyed by both adults and children who can enjoy the variety of cats that appear on the stage and plead a case for themselves. The extravagant cats and the somber ones gives Cats its ultimate flavor and keeps the audiences wanting more. Get your Cats Tickets now to see what’s got everyone raving.

Get ready to enjoy a great theatrical production right here in your town! Cats is a famous musical which is composed by the talented Andrew Lloyd Webber. The show is a famous one, based on T. S. Eliot’s very famous Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. Right with its first show at the West End in the year of 1981 it has been a hit production. It conjured even more fans with its Broadway production in 1982. With its every show Cats got more fans and more fame. With the superb direction of Trevor Nunn and choreography by Gillian Lynne the show has won several awards and nominations. Winner of Tony Award and Laurence Olivier Award Cats have been a hit production though out.

Setting the record of longest running show at The London, and the second longest running hit at the Broadway, Cats have featured artist like Betty Buckley and Elaine Paige. The musical is certainly going to blow your mind away with its great music and superb acting. With production in more than twenty different languages the show has been staged all over the world. This mega hit show is certainly not something to be missed. So simply get your Cats tickets and set off to enjoy a great time with your loved ones, friends and family. Enjoy the best night of your life watching a great show! To enjoy the magical world of feline species and feel the excitement, get your Cats tickets today!

Cats has a successful long run Broadway production history of eighteen years. Its story has been appreciated for the unique concept which does not get displayed that often. The incredible music by the multiple-award winner, Andrew Lloyd Weber adds life to the story, making it an amazing hit. The exceptionally talented cast has managed to pull off the role of the characters so well, that the story seems to be real. The extraordinary dialogue delivery, the phenomenal music and an interesting story is just the right combination to provide you with the ultimate quality entertainment. So hurry and get your Cat Tickets right now!

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