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Carolina Panthers:

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The Carolina Panthers, a relatively new NFL side, has shown glimpses of talents that provide a positive outlook into the future. The steps taken by the think-tank both on the field and behind it reveal that Panthers always come out with a very carefully thought-out plan. If they manage to make a few more shrewd signings then that will put them in an ideal position to challenge for major honors in the not too distant future. Grab your Carolina Panthers football tickets and back your favorite side from the sidelines as they start their quest to make you proud.

Football is undoubtedly among the most watched sports in the world. Soccer fans crave for a good soccer match and at our site we give them an opportunity to watch their favorite game live! As the Carolina Panthers are approaching at a stadium near you, make sure to click on your deals of the tickets right away. The Carolina Panthers Tickets will give you a chance to see the South Division team in action. Based in North Carolina they are commonly referred to as 'the Panthers' by the hoards of fans out there. Will they score another victory or not? Be there at their upcoming match to get all your answers.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Carolina Panthers please click Buy

Sports are one of the major draws in the US as it draws thousands of fans to stadiums every year. While there are a large number of sports that are played in the US and have major support, there is no game with more support than football. The National Football League is the governing body of football in the US and the large numbers of teams that play in the NFL enjoy as much popularity as the biggest film stars and musicians in the country. One team that has always been a fan favorite and is known for its ferocity on the grid iron is the Carolina Panthers.

The Carolina Panthers were brought into the NFL as an extension team in 1993. The team was established after a massive bidding war that pitted a large number of cities against each other in order to decide which city would be getting a team that year. The Carolina Panthers promised that their new stadium will totally be built on the back of the sales of season tickets and luxury boxes and no burden would be put on the taxpayers. This was astonishingly proven right when the fans showed their full support and all the tickets that were put on sale were sold out on the very first day. It was this extreme interest of the fans that got the organizers to let the Carolina Panthers enter the NFL as an expansion team in 1993.

While the Carolina Panthers currently play in the National Football Conference's South division, they started out playing in the West Division of the NFC. It only took the team three years to win their first ever divisional championship and make their way to their first every playoff games. While the team had a very good start with the first two seasons, their playoff appearance in only the third years got the fans riled up for what was about to come. The team has the record for the best starting season of any expansion team in the history of the NFL. The team would go on to appear at the playoffs on 3 more occasions with the most recent being in 2008. They also won the conference championship in 2003 as well as winning their division title on two different occasions in the NFC South division.

The Carolina Panthers play their home games at the Bank of America Stadium which can hold almost 75,000 fans and has been the team's home since 1996. Thousands of fans flock to the stadium to watch the Carolina Panthers battle fierce rivals such as the Atlanta Falcons and the Dallas Cowboys in their aggressive play style for which they have been names the 'cardiac team' as they play so tight that the fans and supporters all have raised blood pressures by the end of each game.If you are fan of the Carolina Panthers and don't want to miss any of their games this season, make sure you get your hands on Carolina Panthers tickets for you and your friends.

The Carolina Panthers have gone for the sensible option of planning and taking it one step at a time. This is the same approach that brought their way a conference championship and three division titles. The conference crown and two of the division hauls have come since the turn of the millennium strengthening their position even further. Four appearances in the playoffs is a further testament to that. The fan support will mean a lot to help the team out of this transitional period. So book Carolina Panthers season tickets and make your presence felt.


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