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The hilarious Carlos Mencia is one of the best American comedians to have sprung up in the past several years. This awesome comedian performs some of the most spectacular standup comedy ever heard or seen live. Not only is Carlos Mencia a standup comedian, he is also an awesome actor as well as a writer. His comedy usually focuses on some of the most important issues of today such as politics, crime, race, culture and society. Thus, not only is his standup comedy very funny but it is also educative and knowledgeable. This fabulous comedian is also well known for his very own Comedy Central show, Mind of Mencia, that ran on this greatest comedy channel for several years and has had a large following of fans and millions watching it at their homes. If you are one of the people who loved Carlos Mencia comedy skits, you will definitely want to watch him live through Carlos Mencia tickets.

Carlos Mencia was born back in 1967 and grew up in East parts of the city of Los Angeles within the state of California . He studied at a local high school and then went on to study at the California State University in Los Angeles with his major being Electrical Engineering. He was a brilliant student both at school and in college. His first comedy performance was at The Laugh Factory where he performed a short skit in an Open Mic night held here. This skit was positively received and so Carlos Mencia decided to pursue a career in comedy. Soon after that, Carlos Mencia began performing at many venues in Los Angeles . He became a popular act in some of Los Angeles ’s best venues such as The LA Cabaret and The Comedy Store. His standup comedy became very popular in the city and also in the surrounding areas.

With a successful local career in standup comedy, Carlos Mencia was soon appearing on TV. He first appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show as well as on Buscando Estrellas, a show in which he was first labeled as the International Comedy Grand Champion. By 1994, he had risen to new heights of fame and had become something of a national sensation. He was soon casted by HBO to host their awesome Latin comedy show, Loco Slam. Thus, in 1994, Carlos Mencia began hosting his first show on the HBO channel and this show was titled as Loco Slam. It soon became one of the most popular Latin comedy shows of its time.

Four years later, in 1998, Carlos Mencia was hosting yet another comedy show. This one was titled as Funny is Funny! and was showcased on the Galavision channel. At the same time, he went on tour all over the US and was performing standup comedy at many American venues. In 2001, he went on a mega hit tour alongside fellow standup comedians Pablo Francisco and Freddy Soto in a tour that was titled as The Three Amigos. He also made two half hour specials for HBO, one of which earned him a CableACE Award as the Best Standup Comedy Special. Soon after this, he released his first comedy album through the record label, Warner Records, an album that was titled as Take A Joke America. He then performed a special show on Comedy Central in its Comedy Central Presents channel.

Thus, by 2002, Carlos Mencia had performed many shows including three shows on HBO, one on Comedy Central, released his very own comedy album and even won a CableACE Award. But this was just the beginning for this highly hilarious standup comic. He also played roles in the TV series, Moesha, The Shield and The Proud Family as well as role on the hit movie, Outta Time. In 2005, he kicked off his first long Comedy Central show, Mind of Mencia. This was an awesome comedy show that was half an hour long and that made use of special mix of standup and sketch comedy. It soon became Comedy Central’s top rated show, coming second only after South Park .

With one of the greatest Comedy Central shows, ranked second in terms of viewers, Carlos Mencia had become a legendary figure in the world of comedy. Aside from this, he was also part of a number of other works. He was a host at the Opie and Anthony radio show as well as acting a role for Bud Light in its Super Bowl XLI advertising commercials. He even appeared in a Belly Burner commercial. In terms of touring, he has performed on Opie and Anthony’s Traveling Virus Comedy Tour as well as at venues like Improv. He has released three different comedy albums as well as nine different albums and DVDs. All in all, for some of the most smashing comedy that will leaving you laughing your heart out, simply grab Carlos Mencia tickets and go watch him entertain audiences live.

The Spanish comedian, writer and actor Carlos Mencia was born in Honduras on October 22, 1967. Carlos Mencia tickets will let you enjoy his signature comedy of the show Mind of Mencia by Comedy Central. He normally criticizes social issues embedded in racism and ethnicity. His show was the most watched show in 2006 after South Park. Carlos has also given presence on the radio show Opie and Anthony. Carlos Mencia has launched three personal albums, Take a Joke America, America Rules and Unmerciful. He has also acted in several movie shows like The Heartbreak Kid, Our Family Wedding, Farce of the Penguins, 29 Palms and The Dawn Together.

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