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The Capital Jazz Fest will allow you to enjoy a weekend of cool jazz and soul. This June has a tremendous amount of fun and entertainment awaiting you. This summer will commence the 19th annual Capital Jazz Fest at the renowned Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. Features of this live festival entail contemporary jazz and soul music hosted on 2 large stages. Capital jazz fest tickets have already been on sale for the past two months, and it looks like they are selling out very quickly. Make sure you hurry and get your tickets soon so that you relish this event when the time comes. As compared to many other musical events, there aren’t that many that feature jazz. This is believed to be one of the reasons why people make it a point to make the most out of this opportunity.

Every year when summer peaks, music lovers throngto the suburbs of Washington, D.C. by the thousand. They all converge here just to the weekend of cool jazz and soul. This is perhaps because jazz festival held anywhere, and its standard is such that no one will want to miss it. Many people who do not even listen to jazz regularly also get attracted simply because of the enthusiasm they see around. These individuals sometimes start developing their taste for jazz after their fist experience of live jazz. With enthusiasm driving so many people, it’s no wonder that capital jazz fest tickets sell out quickly, and administrators have to be well prepared in order to make sure they can accommodate as many people as they possibly can.

The Capital Jazz Fest began in 1993, as an event that was held over many days on many stages, and as an outdoor musical event. It served to attract music lovers from all the states, and developed into something much more than just a concert. This is why it called an event. Indeed, it is an event that people are captivated by, and those who come here to witness it spend a great time here. Enthusiasts make it part of their life with each day they spend enjoying it. They eat, drink, mingle, relax, shop, and absorb sunlight while they are here. They truly get to enjoy and explore the best jazz they will probably ever hear live.

Apart from the music that will take a few breaks, enthusiasts will get enough time to appreciate fine art and crafts that will be on display at the Festival Marketplace. Additionally, there will be culinary treats as well as artist workshops. After the performances are done for the day, you can also enjoy late night after-parties. It’s only if you have capital jazz fest tickets that you will be able to enjoy this magnificent event, and it can make for a great holiday.

The Merriweather Post Pavilion is the official venue of the Capital Jazz Fest. It is situated between Baltimore and Washington, set upon an exquisite 40-acre natural wooded location that is called Symphony Woods. This location facilitates a brilliant concert experience that is unmatched. Enthusiasts get to thoroughly enjoy up-close and theatre-style provisions within an open-air covered pavilion. They also get to relish the outdoors and picnic-style provided by the sloping lawn.

The experience that you will have with Capital Jazz Fest is unmatched by any other. The only thing that might come a little close to it is the Capital Jazz Radio, which is indeed a cool blend of up-tempo contemporary jazz, acid jazz, and instrumental funk. These are available for all listeners around the clock whenever they feel like. All they have to do is tune in, and they will have all the best jazz they can imagine. The quality is likened to that produced by CD. Some of the artists you will be able to listen to include: Roy Ayers, Donald Byrd, and Pleasure.

The capital Jazz Fest has continually showcased some of the biggest names in jazz . Indeed, this is why it is sometimes referred to as the ‘Woodstock of jazz festivals.’ It is indeed much more than a concert, and it is phenomenal how people come from far and wide to relish great music. Capital jazz fest tickets just keep on selling until they are sold out. So make sure you get yours as soon as you can in order to enjoy this event.

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