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The unique half spoken, half sung vocals with an incredible lyrical word play to the funk rock tunes are what define the musical style of the sensational band, Cake. Since their inception in early nineties the band has enjoyed an ecstatic response that most new entrants in the music industry can only dream of. They proved with their tireless efforts that a pop band with songs being a mix of folk, country and funk tunes can be a major success. The group released its first single in the early nineties and got instant ranking on the US Modern Rock Tracks. Since then there was no turning back for them. Today the success has taken the band at a point where Cake Tickets sell out way before the event.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Cake please click Buy

CAKE is well-known American alternative rock band that is based in California’s Sacramento. The band emerged as a popular outfit during the late 1990s when they released an album, Fashion Nugget. Out of many singles that were popular, "The Distance" became their chart success. Cake tickets to their live shows sell out very quickly, and you need to make sure you grab your opportunity as it comes your way.CAKE's music as described by lead singer John McCrea, is lyrical wordplay that is partly sung and partly spoken. However, CAKE's music is broadly categorized as alternative rock. It often is observed as a combination of multiple musical genres, like rockabilly, pop, jazz, ska, funk, rap, and country music. Furthermore, CAKE's music features are often noted for carrying mysterious lyrics that are rife with word play, and McCrea would strongly agree with this view. Additionally, CAKE’s music is full of Catchy and densely distorted guitar riffs along side a solo trumpet, which makes a unique combination.

Over the period of its existence, CAKE has changed several members after releasing its first album. Their most recent release is their 6th album that was released this year [2011]. It is called Showroom of Compassion and it debuted at the number one spot on the Billboard 200.While CAKE became popular in the late 1990s, it was established in 1991. At that time, its members were John McCrea, who was the vocalist/songwriter; Greg Brown on guitars; Vince DiFiore on trumpet; Shon Meckfessel on bass, and Frank French on drums. Bassist Gabe Nelson replaced Shon Meckfessel in 1993. During this time, one of their singles, Rock’n’Roll Lifestyle, managed to make a solid impact reaching number 31 on the US Modern Rock Tracks. With significant success with this first single, this was when CAKE launched an entire debut album called Motorcade of Generosity. With this success, CAKE signed an agreement with Capricorn Records, and this is how they got their album released nationally on February 7, 1994. Shortly after this, Frank French and Gabe Nelson broke away the band.

Cake still stayed together as a band and worked on their second album that they released in September 1996. This was called Fashion Nugget. A single from this album, "The Distance" dominated alternative radio the same year. Additionally, another single was released from Fashion Nugget a little later. It was called ‘I Will Survive.’ This was actually a cover Perren and Fekaris's. When CAKE performs these songs live, you will remain captivated. Get your Cake tickets for these concerts in order to enjoy their awesome performances.In October 1998, CAKE launched their third studio-recorded album called Prolonging the Magic. The single from this album "Never There" went to the number 1 spot on the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks. In July 2001, CAKE launched their fourth full-length album. This was called Comfort Eagle, and this was the band’s first release since they signed with Columbia records. With this album, "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" was their major hit single. It was being played regularly on alternative radio stations, and it went to number 7 on the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks. It was also chosen as the theme song for Chuck, the TV series. The music from this song was also used for an Apple iPod Nano commercial in 2010.

Pressure Chief was CAKE’s fifth album that was launched in October 2004. "No Phone" was the main single from this one, and there was also a cover of the Bread song, "The Guitar Man". In 2007, CAKE launched a compilation called B-Sides and Rarities. On this release there were recordings of their experimentation with covers like Black Sabbath's "War Pigs", Piero Umiliani's "Mahna Mahna", and Barry White's "Never, Never Gonna Give You Up. Their followers were also pleasantly surprised with live versions of CAKE songs released on this compilation. These included songs like "It's Coming Down" and "Short Skirt/Long Jacket." This is album is a strong reminder of how the band loves to perform live, and when they do perform at events, you grab your Cake tickets quickly.CAKE made use of only solar energy to record their next album. Showroom of Compassion was launched in January, 2011, and debuted at the number spot on the Billboard Album Chart. This album was considerably different to previous ones. One of the major differences was that it had a lot more piano effects.

All enthusiasts of punk, particularly experimental punk lovers must attend concerts at which CAKE performs. You will be thoroughly pleased with the tremendous sound quality and brilliant stage performance by this seasoned band. Be sure to get your Cake tickets as soon as you can in order to guarantee the best seats at these shows.Cake has built up a great fan following just on the basis of word of mouth and live performances. Its sound of music being featured by catchy distorted guitar riffs and solo trumpet distinguishes the band from the other rock groups of the industry. Cake has played a major role in redefining the sound of rock music with its own signature style incorporating beats from different genres. With a recent album release 'Showroom of Compassion', the band is ready to rock the audience in a live concert. Cake Tickets are already on sale! So guys rush off and get them as soon as possible!

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