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The phenomenal rock band of the 60s and the 70s is reuniting for several concerts so for any fan of their music, missing out on such a concert is a drastic mistake. To avoid such a blunder, it is recommended that you immediately purchase Buffalo Springfield tickets. Read more to learn about the history of this phenomenal rock band but don’t forget that this band’s concerts tickets will be limited and will definitely be in high demand. As such, the faster, the better! The lineup that will appear at this concert will be made up of Neil Young, Joe Vitale, Richie Furay, Stephen Stills and Rick Rosas.

Buffalo Springfield is a famous American rock band that is responsible for catapulting the careers of four of rock’s legends – Stephen Stills, Jim Messina, Richie Furay and Neil Young – to rock stardom. The band’s most well known and influential song is ‘For What It’s Worth’. Despite the relatively shorter period of the band’s existence, this band is considered as one of the most influential of rock bands during its era. Formed in 1966, Buffalo Springfield released around three different albums alongwith numerous demo recordings, outtakes at the studio and various live recordings that were, unfortunately, left unreleased at that time. The band saw its beginning when two of its founders, Neil Young, Stephen Stills met each other at an Ontario festival, the Fourth Dimension in 1965. The former founder was present with The Squires whereas the latter as part of The Company, both Canadian bands. It was during this meeting that each felt that he had to work with the other and form a band.

Meanwhile, a year on, Stills’ band, brokeup and he was left ‘bandless’. He met up with a number of fellow musicians so as to decide on what to do – at the same time, Neil Young hooked up with Bruce Palmer who was forming a group known as Mynah Birds, a group whose deal was later cancelled due to it’s vocalist’s absence. The duo then departed for Los Angeles to meetup with Stephen Stills. After a long and hard search, the duo couldn’t find Stephen Stills – until a coincidental meetup. The duo, stuck in a traffic jam while departing for San Francisco was seen by Stephen Stills and they met with each other.

This meeting of fate resulted in the formation of a band, a band that would be known as Buffalo Springfield. The name was inspired by a van of the Buffalo-Springfield Roller Company that was parked outside of where the band was staying. The group began performing in mid-April 1966. It was during their live performances that the band established a name for themselves as a band that gave exhilarating and entertaining performances. The first album of the band was released in December 1966 in both Mono and Stereo; the former by Neil and Stephen. A month prior to releasing this album, Stephen Stills composed the song For What It’s Worth, a song that was released later on as part of a re-release of their debut album. The song became a Top 10 hit and sold over 1 Million copies as well as a gold disc award. The band’s second album, Buffalo Springfield Again, was released on November 1967. It was a song from this album, Bluebird, that is considered as their finest work, a composition of Stephen Stills.

Buffalo Springfield was inducted into the fabled Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997, a ceremony which was filled with pomp and which was hosted by Eddie Vedder. Post-induction, Neil Young released a special four disc box set that included the very best of Buffalo Springfield and it is a collection that is worth more than its weight in gold. In short, a great band, a band that is an inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is worth buying Buffalo Springfield tickets for. So what are you waiting for? Grab your Buffalo Springfield tickets and catch this immensely talented band, with a lineup whose members have purportedly reached the very apex of ‘rock stardom’.

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