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Bryan Adams iconic song commonly called Please Forgive Me is a real treat for those craving to indulge in the memory of lost moments, to a cathartically fulfilling tune and most cogent yet simply-arranged lyrics that deserve the lit candle. The Canadian pop artist’s lyrical genius, musical expressions and pain-conveying groan technique have served the needs of the many tired wanderers, in search of heartfelt music that sounds as good as soothing cool air feels.

Adams’ musical contributions as an avid songwriter, innovative guitarist, skillful bassist, talented producer, actor and photographer, have come to win much more than just seriously dedicated, loyal fans; the maestro has been rightfully held at high pedestals by many renowned, prestigious academies that have time and again, recognized the true artistic abilities of the music king. His soaring popularity is only partly obvious in the desperate crowds of thousands who clutch their Bryan Adams Tickets tightly, waiting to finally listen to the man, live.

Bryan Adams has gathered an unusually large number of esteemed awards and nominations among which he has received 15 Grammy Award nominations and 56 Juno Award nominations of which he won 20. He has been particularly nominated frequently for his perfectly befitting song writings for films by the Golden Globe Awards and thrice by the Academy Awards . He has further won the Ivor Novello Awards twice for his well-balanced song compositions. Owing to his numerous tremendous contributions in the development of pop music and many philanthropic efforts to promote education worldwide through the channels of his own foundation, Bryan Adams has been honored with the Order of British Columbia and Order of Canada .

Still cruising further ahead, Adams has been welcomed into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011, Canada’s Walk of Fame in 1998 and Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2006. Throughout his music career, the rock star has performed uncountable charitable shows and campaigns for which, in 2010, Adams was honored with the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award . Yet again, owing to Bryan Adams’ enormous artistic contributions for 30 years, he received the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award .

Bryan Adams has recorded many multiple times platinum records. His 80’s songs Cuts like a Knife, Straight from the Heart and Summer of 69 were some of the most hit songs that crossed over the tenth numbers on Billboard Hot 100 lists. He recorded even more successful songs in the 90’s that also brought him the most critical acclaim, namely Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman, Please Forgive Me, Can’t Stop This Things We Started, The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me and Lets Make a Night to Remember , were all among the songs that topped the chart and billboard records. His hit single Everything I Do, I Do It for You, that BryanAdams recorded in 1992 was nominated for four Grammy, winning the award in the category of Best Song Written for a Motion Picture . Since the year 2000, Adams has recorded two studio albums, Room Service in 2004 and 11 in 2008 , both of which were impressive commercial successes with the former going to number 1 in Germany and Switzerland , and the latter attaining the top ten in eleven different places worldwide.

For Bryan Adams playing a sold out concert for 70,000 people is a regular. He has performed many big act shows time and again all across the United States , Canada , Europe, Australia and Asia . His shows are normally accompanied by wild fans screaming ‘BryanAdams, BryanAdams’; fans from a broad age-spectrum of young hip teenage kids all the way to mature adults in their forties and fifties. From the opening song till the very last encore, the mega-talented musician keeps his crowds entranced through the crusades of torn love, tales of the mysterious one who can spear right through the heart and celebrations of life’s most precious gone-by moments.

BryanAdams has released five record breaking live album through 1988 and 2010 called L ive!Live!Live!, MTV Unplugged, Live at Budokan, Live in Lisbon and Bare Bone . For a memorable fun night that journeys magically through life, captures its many milestones, marvels at incomprehensibly silly experiences and the warm tickles of love, ring for the BryanAdamstickets and be there to listen to the legendary live performance of some of Adams’ priceless classics.

Latest Hits
here i am
everything i do
i thought i'd seen everything
i thought
please forgive me
run to you
back to you
tonight we have the stars
i thought id seen everything

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