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A brilliant moment is soon to hit the music world where you will be able to seize the opportunity to experience something truly remarkable. The two stars, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj, are geared up to electrify your senses by sharing a single stage to exhibit their most profound creations till date.

The dynamic icon, Britney Spears, is essentially responsible for the renaissance of teen pop in the 90’s. Masterpieces like “Baby One More Time" and "Me Against the Music" largely contributed towards her groundbreaking commercial success that established her as a pop queen. Enveloped in numerous controversies, Spears, ultimately triumphed as the most successful teenage artist and was esteemed by “ The Guinness Book of World Record ” for the same. For her incredible outfits and styling, Britney Spears is a superstar that fans of all ages look up to. Having worked with leading producers, her music skills and stage talent have refined sharply over the years. Her recent sensation, Femme Fatale, peaked at the music charts across Canada, Australia and the US.

While, Spears can thrill you with her sleek moves, another pop sensation, Nicki Minaj, can lure you to dance your heart away to her chartbuster tunes. Her vigorous rapping style is inspired by rap sovereigns like, Lil Wayne and Jadakiss . Nicki Minaj has been honored with 6 prestigious BET Awards for her awe-inspiring tunes that electrified the music buffs. Pink Friday, is amongst her unique creations that have established her as an upcoming legend of the music industry.

Minaj has worked with several leading music icons like, the BlackEyed Peas , on melodies like "Check It Out", that proved to be her most victorious release across the Europe. ‘Pink Friday’ is testimony to Minaj’s skyscraping passion for music. Her single, "Massive Attack", placed her on MTV’s Annual Hottest MC List. She remained a significant part of the Young Money Entertainment and owing to her mounting success; she ultimately acquired her own rights of endorsements and merchandising. Minaj has been touring aggressively to promote her latest creations and this has enabled this dynamic artist to widen her fan base astoundingly. Her charismatic stage presence always gains the spotlight amongst the music fans who are attracted to her concerts. Minaj is primarily known for her incredible songwriting skills, her award-winning mix tapes like, Playtime is Over and Sucka Tree are acknowledged for their amazing lyrics and outstanding tunes. She is amongst the very few stars who strongly believe in themselves and have shaped their destiny with their own hands.

Together, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj, can provide you with a mesmeric musical experience of all times. So, without much delay, grab your Britney Spears Nicki Minaj tickets to be part of this lifetime concert.

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