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The premier comic of the entertainment industry rightly identified as a perfect balance of sophisticated writing and physicality, Brian Regan has entertained in theatres nationwide with his observational comedy. The artist took a formal start in the late nineties after the encouragement of his football coach to pursue with theatre and communications formally as a career. Entertaining the audiences on a small scale in local shows has taken Regan at a position where he has set a standard of excellence for others to follow. Earning immense popularity in a small period of time, Brian Regan Tickets for his live performances are a rare find when his event is just around the corner.
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Spreading laughter among the people is the job of Brian Regan and he does it well. With his observational and sarcastic comedy, he makes the audience roll on the floor laughing. His comedy is regarded as being deprived of the profane humor which has gained him a respectable position in the world of standup comedy and has brought a huge fan club to him. The standard of comedy which Regan has set up has made him a premier comedian who delights the theaters nationwide. Brian Regan tickets have always been a favorite of anyone who wants to spend a pleasant evening at some show.
The comedy style Regan has adopted has made a big position for him in the world of standup comedy and his work is appreciated by the critics as well as his contemporaries. The clean comedy style which Regan has adopted has found him a fan base which is spread over old and young alike. Regan had a knack of comedy in him since a young age but started pursuing standup comedy as a profession in school when he was encouraged by his football coach and is presently one of the most famous standup comedians in US. For his remarkable comedy work, he has been awarded with American Comedy Award for Best Club Comic. The first appearance of Regan in any show was in 1991 on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
Brian Regan Live was the first CD released by Regan in 1997 which has sold millions of albums as yet which was also included in the iTunes Top Ten Comedy Albums. Later, Regan released the first DVD himself in 2004 with the title of I Walked on the Moon . Signing a deal with Comedy Central, Regan starred in two standup specials, Standing Up and The Epitome of Hyperbole , released a DVD of the same shows and performed in Brian Regan in Concert: A Comedy Central Live Event in 2007. Regan’s other comedy works include, The A-List, Dr. Kratz Professional Therapist, Comedy Central Presents, Late Night Show with Conan O’ Brien and Late Show with David Letterman, the show on which he has made around 20 appearnces. Regan was awarded with the title of the “Funniest Person in New York” in 1988 in a contest held by K-Rock, a radio station. And since that time Brian Regan tickets have been the most sought after by all kinds of people who like good comedy.
Since 2005, Regan has been touring US and is being loved by the huge number of people who love his wit and humor. If you have loved Brian Regan watching him on TV or his DVDs, that is nothing compared to what the man can entertain through his live show. If you are bored with your dull routines or watching the same theater shows over and over again, all you need is a live show of Regan and your senses will be revitalized. The clean comedy of Regan makes his shows a perfect event to attend with your family. Keep a lookout for Brian Regan tickets the next time this amazing comedian is scheduled to perform in your city and you will have a time that you will want to come again.

After almost a decade of success Brian Regan is considered as a ‘Universal Comic’ in the entertainment industry. His self deprecating and sarcastic comments are subjected around every day events. With his keen observation, he knows the art of putting simplest things in a humorous way, making the random moments of life look special. Applauded by Comedy Central, The Onion, Slate and The Wall Street Journal, the artist has been awarded in the category of The Funniest Male Stand-up Comic. Regan is ready to share all new experiences live once again. So guys if you are looking for quality entertainment, get your Brian Regan Tickets without having any second thought, right now!

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