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For those who enjoy university sports must get going to save their deals of the Bowling Green Falcons Tickets. The sports teams belonging to the Bowling Green Falcons University play for the NCAA Division I and FBS Athletics programs. These intercollegiate athletic teams make sure to deliver their best in the fields. Check them out in their upcoming match and reserve your tickets in advance. The University is situated in Bowling Green, Ohio. Known simply as the Falcons their hockey team won the NCCA National Championship in 1984. Dressed in team colors orange and brown they march on the play grounds singing their fight songs, ‘Forward Falcons’ & “Ay Ziggy Zoomba.”
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Bowling Green Falcons represent the Bowling Green State University in various NCAA Division I and FBS Athletic programs. Bowling Green State University has a solid Ice Hockey and Football athletic program which is why it has prestige of being amongst the only thirteen universities throughout the nation who take part in Ice Hockey Division I and FBS Football Division I. Bowling Green State University (BGSU) offers 10 athletic programs for women and 7 for men. Falcons’ women’s basketball team has made the university proud for three straight years for as the won conference championship title for three consecutive years.
BGSU’s football program happens to be its one of the most prestigious athletic programs. Falcons have attained success on the football field at a number of occasions and they’re also known for being the second collegiate football team for winning the most amounts of conference championships. Falcons play their home games at the Doyt Perry Stadium and have fierce rivalry with Miami, Ohio and Kent State, but nothing beats their rivalry with the Toledo. Both Toledo and Falcons compete in an event which is named the Battle of I-75, the winner of which is awarded with a Peace Pipe Trophy. Over the years, the Falcons have claimed one National Championship title along with ten MAC Titles.
Falcon’s Men’s basketball team plays its home games at the Anderson Arena and competes in Mid-American Conference. So far the team has scored four NCAA Tournament appearances with the latest one being in 1968. Falcons Women’s basketball team has seen huge number of successes over their years of play and happens to be one of the most prominent athletic programs at BGSU. Over the years, Falcons have claimed an astounding total of five division championships along with eleven regular season championship and ten conference championship titles. During its 2006-07 season, Falcons also performed the feat of being the only women’s basketball team in Mid American Conference ever to make their way to sweet sixteen. So far the team has also made nine NCAA tournament appearances.
Falcon’s men’s ice hockey team plays its home games at the BGSU Ice Arena and happens to be one of the major sporting program that Is offered at the University. Moreover, Falcons Ice Hockey is team is only program at the university that has been able to get its hands on the National Championship Title. Falcons claimed their first and only national championship title in 1984 when the team defeated Minnesota Duluth with the 5-4 finishing record. The game came to conclusion at the fourth overtime which is why that championship matchup is considered to be the longest ice hockey game in the history of NCAA.
Just like major league sports collegiate sports also provide with high amounts of entertainment and adrenaline that one could ask for. So if you happen to be a supporter of the Falcons then make haste and get your cheap Bowling Green Falcons tickets today!
Among the top Mid-American Conference teams are the Bowling Green Falcons. Ending up at the fifth position in the East Division championship in 2010, things look pretty good for them. The Bowling Green Falcons is among the thirteen Universities in the nation that plays Division I FBS football and Division I ice hockey. They are the proud winners of not one but three conference championships in women’s basketball. They first won it in 2005 then again in 2006 and finally for the third time in a row in 2007. Book your Bowling Green Falcons Tickets and find out whether the Falcons will score a victory or not in their upcoming match.

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