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The most successful side in NBA history is ready to take to the courts to prove their dominance once again. They are none other than the iconic Boston Celtics. The Celtics are the NBA’s equivalent of the New York Yankees for they have won more titles than any other team in NBA’s history. Since their inception in 1946, the Celtics have gone on to raise the bar and set new standards for excellence in the sport. So if you are a basketball fan then book your Boston Celtics tickets and watch their exciting game live from the bleachers.

There is not a place as exciting as the TD Garden when the basketball season sets off in Boston. Boston Celtics has been entertaining the basketball loving people since 1949. Celtics is a team which has some of the best players in National Basketball Association which shows from the successful history of the team. Celtics have claimed 17 glorious Championships and playing in the Eastern Conference have won 21 titles and 20 as a part of the Atlantic Division. The games of Celtics are not only fun but are also a highly thrilling show of energy and team spirit. Boston Celtics tickets have seen remarkable sales in all of its seasons which grows with every passing season.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Boston Celtics please click Buy

Boston Celtics, the terrifying basketball warriors hold dozens of championship titles and individual players’ records. They represent Boston in National Basketball Association in the Eastern Conference of Atlantic Division. The team holds the record of the most Championships than any other basketball team of NBA. They have won 17 NBA Championships, 21 Conference titles and 28 Division titles. The longest winning streak record of 8 consecutive wins is also enjoyed by the Boston Celtics. The Celtic bulls when enter the court, their robust performance enthralls the audiences and stomps the ground. Celtics hold a psychological edge over their rivals which obviously add weight to the tremendous winning record. With Boston Celtics Tickets, you are soon to witness some confirmed court adventure.

In 1946, Walter A. Brown formed the Boston Celtics for Basketball Association of America and the team got the green flag for NBA in 1949. The first ever African American player, Chuck Cooper, to join a national level basket ball team was drafted in Boston Celtic in 1950. The same year Red Auerbach joined the team as coach and played his important part in making the team as successful as we see it today. The first 10 years of Boston Celtic were the transition years; it was not until 1957 that Celtic won some major championship. Auerbach’s dedication and hard work finally reaped fruit in 1957 when he succeeded in selecting the finest players and trained them to perfection. These notable players who later helped Celtics became unbeatable are: Bill Russel, K.C. Jones, Don Barksdale and Gene Conley.

From 1957 to 1969, Celtics had become the most feared basketball and beating it was no less than a miracle. It was during this time that Celtics built the mountainous record of 8 consecutive wins and left all other teams shocked. Celtics were destined to face the downside of the hill and then march towards the other summit, higher and tougher than the previous one. The Celtics have been so badly addicted to the victory that they soon started preparing to be the territorial wild cats of their game again. Within just a couple of seasons, Celtics were roaring again, their victorious grace had return and they looked stronger than ever. Wanting to win is important than winning and Celtics were always so full of it.

The players of caches alone cannot create the winning combination, the entire hierarchy is supposed to be part of it. This very secret is in the very foundation of the Boston Celtics franchise. It is a wondrous feeling to witness a living example of how dreams can be made reality through coordination alone. Being Celtics fans is all glory as they know that Celtics cannot compromise on anything less than the victory. We have all seen them struggle harder after each bad game. Boston Celtics have made basketball a much paced and passionate sport to watch and play. The good days are closing in when the Celtics’ fans can catch more of live basketball action of their favorite team. So hurry up and grab your Boston Celtics Tickets ASAP.

The Boston Celtics are ready to strike back this season for some real basketball. They have been around for more than five decades and have surfaced as one of the top notch basketball teams ever to play in the Atlantic Division of National Basketball Association. The team played their first game in 1946 at the Boston Arena which is now known as Northeastern University's Matthews Arena. The Celtics are one of the most successful teams in the NBA with seventeen championships and still counting. The team is owned by Boston Basketball Partners L.L.C. and is based in Boston, Massachusetts since its inception.

Boston Celtics have been the only NBA franchise to succeed seventeen times in National Basketball Association. The team’s best has been eleven wins in thirteen years; the longest winning streak for any North American NBA franchise. The winning streak lasted for eight consecutive years from 1959 till 1966. The era from the fifties till the eighties was the golden era for the team. They played their best game in that time and since 2007 the team has regained its long lost spark. The Celtics have been leading the pack for years with their exceptionally memorable performances in the playoffs. Their success rate at the Eastern Conference games has been tremendous as well with twenty one titles with twenty eight Atlantic division titles.

Boston Celtics has the contributions of many amazing players like Len Bias, Larry Bird, Reggie Lewis, Kevin Garnett, Bill Russell, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Bob Cousy and Dave Cowens. Among them Cousy, Russell, Cowens and Bird have been honored for the record of 10 MVP awards with NBA Most Valuable Player Award. The current lineup of the team includes Paul Pierce as the captain and team members such as Ray Allen, Marquis Daniels, Glen Davis, Semih Erden, Luke Harangody, Jermaine O'Neal, Delonte West, Avery Bradley, Mario West, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins, Shaquille O’Neal, Stephane Lasme, Von Wafer and Nate Robinson.

For a team as successful as Boston Celtics it’s unimaginable not to have rivalries. The most intense rivalries of Celtics are with Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit Pistons and Philadelphia 76ers. The rivalry with Los Angeles Lakers has been one of the long standing rivalries in the history of Basketball. The rivalry is due to the fact that they have faced each other more than 12 times in NBA finals fighting for this coveted trophy. Celtics have defeated Lakers six times. Their rivalry with Philadelphia 76ers is far more intense, heated with several head on head confrontations. The Celtics-Pistons is pretty much similar to that of Lakers as they have faced each other at play offs for more than five times. Some of newly surfaced rivalries include Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs and New York Knicks. The number of Celtic rivalries evidences their prominence and significance in the World of Basketball. If you are a Celtics fan then gear up for this season and get your Celtics tickets now!

Basketball lovers! The action has begun and Boston Celtics games are just around the corner! Now is the time to come out and witness amazing basketball matches played by the one and only, Boston Celtics. This professional basketball based in Boston, Massachusetts was founded in 1946. This fantabulous franchise has conquered a special place in the hearts of millions as it has won twenty-eight division titles, twenty one Conference Titles and seventeen affiliate Championships. They play in the Eastern Conference in NBA and always attract huge crowd their home and away games. Grab your Celtic Tickets now as catch action packed games!
The Boston Celtics are easily the most popular team in NBA history.

They have never disappointed their fans and with each new game continue to prove they are the best team when it comes to basketball.The team was formed in 1946 and became a part of the NBA in 1949. The Boston Celtics were the first team to draft an African American player when they signed Chuck Cooper in 1950. The Boston Celtics have won the NBA Championship more times than any other team. They currently hold the record for winning the Championship 17 times. The team won their first Championship in 1957 when Bill Russell joined the team as their star player. In the thirteen seasons that he remained associated with the team he secured for them 11 Championship titles. The Boston Celtics became the first team in NBA history to have an African American coach the team when Russell came on board as the coach for the team in 1966. In addition to all this the team has won the Conference Title 21 times and the Division Title 20 times.

The Boston Celtics use TD garden as their home ground. The stadium can seat more than 20,000 people on game days. The official team colors for the Celtics are Green, White, Black and Gold. By combining Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce the Celtics created a lethal combination which has been referred to as The Big Three. The boys are all in good shape and ready to win their next game.If you are a fan of Celtics, then get your Boston Celtics Tickets now for an exciting game.With 17 Championships, 21 titles in Eastern Conference and 20 titles in Atlantic Division, Boston Celtics have proved that the team is one of the most talented in NBA. The team comes better prepared for every new season and the upcoming basketball season will be no different. The team has produced Hall of Famer players and coaches and with the current roster as talented as the Celtics, there's just no stopping the team to win the title this season as well. To witness the thrill and the energy at the Celtics games, a fan only needs to get a couple of tickets. Basketball in Boston never seemed better! Go out and grab your Boston Celtics tickets today!

Celtics will be playing their thrilling home games at the TD Garden in Boston against teams like Memphis Grizzlies, New York Knicks and Philadelphia Flyers. The team has 17 Championships, 21 Conference Titles and 19 Division Titles to their name and is striving for more and more. Celtics have a history of selling out their tickets real fast because of its popularity among the fans. If you are a hard core Boston Celtics fan then cheap Boston Celtics tickets available on our website are perhaps the best deals for you. Act fast to get yours and enjoy all the best moments of the game happening right there in front of you!

From winning a staggering seventeen NBA titles, twenty one conference and division crowns each to entering history books by producing the most dominating era in NBA history, the Boston Celtics have done it all. The level of their on-court excellence is as astonishing as the number of championships they have managed to win. They have their eyes set on going to the top once again and you can watch them by getting your hands on Boston Celtics tickets. This is one team that is worth-watching in both and away games. So make sure to catch the Celtics live.

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