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Arts and music keep any society alive, and nourish the soul of humanity. It is for this fact that encouragement for people rendering significant services in these fields is promoted in form of events like Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival .

AC Entertainment and Superfly Productions organize the four days long music and arts festival with the name of Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival annually at Great Stage Park, Manchester, Tennessee . The festival takes its name from the French language, with Bon meaning good, and Rue meaning street. The whole word, therefore, means something like the good on the streets . The word Bonnaroo was taken for the name of this festival from an album of Dr. John , R&B musician from New Orleans , with the name of Desitively Bonnaroo , which means a really good time.

Selection of this specific word as the name of this music festival was deliberate, owing to the fact that the host state has a rich treasure of artistic and musical traditions, and this name truly depicts what a visitor should expect from this festival. Another reason for such name selection was to signify the colorful and diverse musical performances that are lined up every year at this festival, promising a really good time to every single music fan who takes out time to visit the venue.

The history of this beautiful music festival dates back to 2002 when first ever Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival was organized. It is narrated that the event took its inspiration from Glastonbury Music Festival , and turned out to be a huge success. The tickets for this event were sold out in less than a fortnight, although the event was not supported by any traditional advertising campaigns or commercial tactics to sell out the tickets. It was for the huge success of this first Bonnaroo festival that the Rolling Stone Magazine ranked it among top 50 moments in Rock & Roll in 2003.

As the time passed, the popularity and success of the event rose further high, and the organizers decided to improve and further diversify its scope. As a step towards this extension and expansion in 2005, some comedy acts were included in the show including those of renowned artist Jim Breuer . By 2007, the organization became financially stable enough to support an independent event venue, and purchased and established the Great Stage Park with all its current facilities, where a permanent stage was installed by the year 2010.

The event in specific and its parent organization in general spends a handsome amount on charitable causes. Bonnaroo was founded in 2002, and ever since over a million dollars have been donated by the organization towards charity, mainly the Coffee County Organization . Bonnaroo also supports and promote environmental protection measures, and the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival being an environment friendly event, makes it evident.

The wide range of music presented at Bonnaroo includes hip hop, world music, indie rock, country music, blue grass, Americana, jazz, electronica, reggae, gospel, folk and alternative music. Apart from musical activities there is a variety of attractions available for the visitors at the venue, including a Ferris wheel, silent disco, a comedy tent, food and drinks vendors, and a cinema tent. The festival has always been an environment friendly activity, supporting sustainable and recyclable resources.

It also supports healthy activities among fans, and rewards and incentives are given to the people who actively participate in such activities. The format of the festival is such that it contains a central area called the Centeroo , a main stage named as What Stage having a capacity of over 100,000, the second stage named Which Stage with a capacity of 30,000, and three smaller tents called as this tent, that tent and the Other tent . There has also been the addition of a Comedy tent in recent years.Such events promote healthy activities among public, and Bonnaroo Tickets provide a chance for people who dream to have a really good time to fulfill their desires.


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