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Bob Saget as the character of the handsome, adorably doting dad Danny Tanner, from the 90’s sitcom Full House, in which he has been portrayed as a mild-mannered man of subtlety, when in fact outside television the man is known for the comedic style that is anything but subtle. BobSaget is also well known for hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos and has briefly starred as the future Ted Mosby in How I met your Mother . The man has had ample experience in the world of showbiz in the capacity of an actor, a television host, a director and as a screenwriter but the category in which his talents have been most expansive for the last thirty years, is his blue stand-up comedy routine that disperses the Bob Saget tickets to the fans as soon as upcoming shows are heard of.

Bob Saget graduated from the film school in Temple University , where he made a black-and-white- film called Through Adam’s Eyes , which was about a boy who underwent a facial surgery for reconstruction. Saget won the prestigious award of merit for his film from the Students Academy Awards , and later completed his B.A. program in 1978. Bob Saget began his career with stand-up comedy and took on many tours that, in 1987, were followed by an offer by CBS to co-host The Morning Program , the main aim of which was to bring a new, fresh flavor to the show which involved Saget’s unique writing and content producing abilities. Later on Saget got the role of Danny Tanner in Full House which became hugely popular among family audience, which led to nominations in the Top 30 ranking of the Nielsen ratings . Then in 1989, Saget took on the role of America’s Funniest Home Videos , which he kept till 1997.

Bob Saget is multi-talented in his versatile ability to be funny in family friendly TV shows while on the other hand, performing over-the-top hilarious acts that are only ridiculously funny leaving their audience in fits of laughter. Owing to Saget’s spontaneous genius and spur-of-the-moment quick wit, it is no surprise that so many people want to get hold of the BobSagettickets for an opportunity to see the super smart artist performing live. Saget has been very rightfully described as ‘an out of his mind stand-up comedian’ which is undeniably obvious in his works from his HBO special That Ain’t Right , to his recurring roles as self-parody in HBO’s Entourage , to his role in ABC’s sitcom Surviving Suburbia . The CBS sitcom How I met your Mother , is narrated by Bob Saget, whose appearance on the show is still wildly anticipated, since for most of the series it is only hi voice that is heard. Among other spectacular TV shows, Saget has also hosted NBC’s famous game show called 1 vs. 100 . The bold comedian has extended his career into the folds of Broadway, performing in the Jazz Age musical The Drowsy Chaperon , for a short period of four months during which time he was a part of the show’s national tour playing the character of the ‘Man in Chair’ alongside the well-known Jonathan Crombie.

In 1996 Bob Saget directed a television movie for HBO called For Hope, which was inspired and based on his sister, Gay Saget’s life story, who died from scleroderma three years before. The movie, which was about a young woman who is struggling with fatality claiming scleroderma, attained high scores among the Neilson’s rating. Currently BobSaget is a dedicated board member of the Scleroderma Research Foundation, making remarkable efforts to help cause. Saget has been known to co-produce and host the Cool Comedy Hot Cuisines shows in Los Angeles , San Francisco and New York .

Bob Saget starred in a comedy documentary for The Arts and Entertainment Network in 2010, called Strange Days with Bob Saget , which he also produced. The aim of the series was to show the Saget’s experiences as he explores the many intriguing subcultures in America . He joined the motorbike club, became part of a frat in Cornell, got to know the dynamics of backyard wrestling, ‘got lost’ in Las Vegas and joined a group of fourteen year olds at a summer camp. He prizes his proud experience with all the diverse people involved. For such a fun time with friends that brings back laughter moments from college, or to get back the light floating bounce that only some real healthy laughs can bring, go and get those Bob Saget tickets and make the most from them while you can.

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