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Do the names, Phil Stanton, Matt Goldman and Chris Wink, ring a bell? Yes absolutely, Blue Man Group! Interesting fact is that these three aren’t exactly musicians in traditional sense yet the group was nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award ! Now this trio of “blue-skinned” entertainers head towards America’s Cajun country; you guessed it right, their next port of calling is the beautiful, New Orleans, Louisiana! New Orleanians, are you ready to party with Blue Man Group? The group which has earned notoriety for its unique music, theatrical skits, and comedy is going to take your city by storm! Blue Man Group New Orleans show has already become talk of the town!
The group was started by the above named trio in 1987 and in the beginning they did all the shows themselves. But the group has come a long way from its humble origins and today employs scores of employees. The group is now managed by Blue Man Productions, which is headed by the original “blue people”. Although they still perform occasionally, they however have lately reserved themselves to their managerial roles. It is now their well-trained and equally talented staff which enthralls million of fans, all over the world.
The same will rock New Orleans too! Blue Man Group New Orleans is a must watch event! New Orleanians need to hurry though since tickets won’t be around for too long. Therefore it is time to buy your Blue Man Group New Orleans tickets now!

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