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The new-school American punk trio was formed in Poway, California in 1992. With the release of their successful debut EP ‘Fly Swatter’ in 1993, Blink 182 became well known. After the release of their album ‘Cheshire Cat’ in 1994 in contract with Grilled Cheese, it rose to fame after the world tour in 1996/97 and also by appearing in some music videos. It released some great tracks which earned the band various awards and recognitions. It went into hiatus for four years between 2005 and 2009 but returned with same energy and enthusiasm. Blink 182 Tickets are in high demand as people love to watch this pop band live.
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Blink 182 is a legendary band in the US that plays music within the pop punk genre. Presently, this band is made up of Mark Hoppus, lead vocalist and bass guitarist, Tom DeLonge, guitarist and vocalist and Travis Barker as the drummer. The group was formed back in 1992 in the city of Poway in California and has since then sold a staggering twenty five million records all over the world, marking them amongst the most successful bands. Blink 182 released its first album back in 1994 titled as Cheshire Cat , followed the album Dude Ranch released in 1997. This was the album that marked their first big hit with over one million copies of the album sold to date. In 1999, Blink 182 released yet another phenomenal album which was even more successful than its previous one with multi platinum certification. It was titled Enema of the State and ranked ninth on the Billboard 200 with hit singles All the Small Things and What’s My Age Again .

The hit single, What’s My Age Again , is considered as the band’s highest ranking song on the chart, and was a big time hit at that time. Two years later, Blink 182 were back with yet another gigantic album titled as Take Off Your Pants and Jacket , released in 2001, that ranked first in charts not only in the US but in Germany and Canada too. The band’s next album was a self titled release that saw them experiment with new sounds and styles resulting in a much more mature outlook for the band. This album was released in 2003 and mark the end of part of an era for Blink 182. Members of the band went on hiatus to work on other projects with DeLonge working on Angels & Airwaves and the Barker and Hoppus making up +44. They also worked as TV hosts and producers in the music industry, reuniting in February 2009 for widespread tours and a new album, their sixth studio album currently in the works. All in all, multi platinum albums and millions of sales not to mention high ranks on the charts make this pop punk outfit worth Blink 182 tickets with change left.

Blink 182 was formed back when its members were in high school. Tom DeLonge met Anne Hoppus at the Rancho Bernardo High School to whom he expressed his wish of creating a band. Coincidentally, Anne Hoppus’s brother, Mark Hoppus, was also thinking of the same thing and his sister introduced Tom DeLonge to him. The duo then began playing together at the Hoppus’s garage and swapped songs they had written as well as recruited drummer Scott Raynor. The first demo tape was recorded in Scott Raynor’s bedroom and was titled as Flyswatter on 4-track in 1993. The band also released another untitled demo tape the same year made up of redos of songs in Flyswatter as well as new songs that were later released as part of the albums Dude Ranch , Buddha and Cheshire Cat.

The band’s third demo, Buddha , was recorded at the Double Time Studios in San Diego the same year, in 1993, of which one thousand copies were released on tape. Blink 182 also toured at the same time and performed various gigs. They usually lived and traveled in a van and carried their own gear and fine tuning it at every concert. During that time, the band established a name for itself with its humorous performances and their unique style of music. The first label to sing them on was Cargo Music through which their debut album, Cheshire Cat was released in 1994 and also changed their name from Blink to Blink 182 since an Irish pop group had the same name. The second album, Dude Ranch , sold one and a half million copies worldwide with hit single Dammit. Blink 182’s third album was their breakthrough album, with fifteen million copies sold to date.

Blink 182’s 2001 album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket was immensely popular, so much so that it sold three hundred and fifty thousand copies in its first week only and had four different hit singles; Stay Together for the Kids, The Rock Show, Anthem Part 2 and First Date . This album has since then sold four and a half million copies worldwide. The band has won two MTV Europe Music Awards, one MTV Video Music Awards and nominated for three, one Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and three Teen Choice Awards by Fox. In short, a legendary band, heavily awarded and highly successfully that should be seen performing its signature style, live, through Blink 182 tickets.

The young talent of three school boys came into picture in the form of a successful trio which sold more than 23 million albums. Releasing 5 successful albums, Blink 182 has performed with many artists and bands including +44, Angels and Airwaves, Box Car Racers and few others. The band experiments with different sounds to create some unusual tunes for the listeners. The current tour with My Chemical Romance is going to be a rocking tour which is awaited by millions of fans all over the world. Don’t miss the live performance by this very talented band. Get your Blink 182 Tickets now and be a part of the cheering crowd.

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