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Big Time Rush, also the name of a television series, is a musical band formed by four artists playing the lead roles in the television series. Their first single recorded and premiered in the series was also titled ‘Big Time Rush’. Released in November in 2009, it was sought to be the main title song of the television series. However it broke all records once it reached Billboard Hot 100 charts. "Halfway There", attained 93 rd position on the Billboard Hot 100 as their second single released. Big Time Rush Broomfield CO performance is the most awaited performance of this band so far as they will be performing there for the first time.
The demand for their singing talent was brought to the television series and by October 2010, they managed to create an entire album of their songs and was made available to the US market by October 2011. The most powerful tracks of this album were "Halfway There", "City Is Ours" and "Til I Forget about You". However, the track titled "B.T.R." spotted a third position on the Billboard Hot 200 . Their latest release is their third studio album titled “Elevate”. The tracks and their latest album will be highlight of the Big Time Rush Broomfield CO performance.

Big Time Rush Broomfield COtickets are available for those interested in watching this young and talented musical band to. So hurry and get a ticket before the queue grows longer.

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