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The world of music is full of many stars and each new day sees the birth of a new singer. But few of them have the talent to take them further in this field and become popular names the world remembers long after they are gone. Big Sean is one such name who with his foray in to music has provided the hip hop genre with the much needed fresh and new angle. His compositions have garnered the interest of big names like Kanye West and his fans are multiplying with each passing day.

Big Sean was born Sean Michael Anderson. His mother and grandmother raised him in Detroit where he spent most of his childhood until he was discovered by Kanye West at a local radio station while still a young teenage boy. When in Detroit he used to go to Waldorf School and later moved to Cass Technical High School. He was an exceptional student and his GPA was 3.7 when he graduated from High School. If not for his interest in music, he would have excelled in any other field. But he decided to give music a chance and not pursue education further as he had become involved with a local radio station in his town whilst still a student. He would take part in their weekly contests featuring local rap artists and display his rhyming skills on a regular basis.

He was somewhat of a local star when in 2005, he heard of Kanye West’s upcoming visit to the local radio station for an interview. He decided to approach him there and showcase his own musical talent to the mega superstar. But Kanye was not to keen to listen to him, so he gave him only till he reached the entrance of the radio station to impress him with his talent. It was all Big Sean needed and left a considerable impression on Kanye West who stopped at the entrance, and asked Sean for his demo tape, who was more than happy to leave it with him. In the next few weeks he was signed to G.O.O.D. Music.

When it comes to creating music, Big Sean is very gifted and has never had trouble coming up with new songs. But before the world was ready to accept him as a musical talent he focused on getting them familiarized with his brand of music by releasing three mix tapes one after another. The first of these tapes Finally Famous Vol. 1: The Mixtape was released in 2007 and featured songs like Get'cha Some which became somewhat of an underground hit, and was followed with a video for the song. The second mix tape Finally Famous Vol. 2: UKNOWBIGSEAN had 30 songs in it and was released in 2009. In 2010, he released his third mix tape with 20 songs in it. And in June 2011, his first studio album Finally Famous was released. For the first single from this album My Last , Big Sean collaborated with Chris Brown.

Big Sean like a lot of other hip hop artistes has a very distinct sense of style and fashion, and is never afraid to show it off with his every public appearance. In addition to his fabulous music which has won him millions of fans across the world, he is liked by his followers for his casual and stylish dressing. Because at the end of the day everybody looks up to their favorite celebrities for tips on fashion and styling, but with a majority of stars today like Lady Gaga for instance, it is very difficult to copy their look in real life.

This however is not the case with Big Sean as he has stated on more than one occasion that he feels very comfortable and chic in anything from 10 Deep, Bape and Billionaire Boys Club. A lot of choices from these famous brands are very flashy and bling and perfectly compliment the hip hop style of music of Sean. In many of his live appearances, concerts and promotional videos for the songs he can be seen sporting ornamental chains, rings, bracelets and other types of jewellery with embroidered jackets, bright colored shirts, torn jeans and flashy sneakers.

If you are bored of the same old musicians and singers, and are looking for something which is more fresh, hip and modern, then all you need to do is get your Big Sean Tickets, as the young and very talented rapper has a lot of potential and plenty of good music to establish him as the next big thing in music.

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