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Originating in 1984, Big Audio Dynamite or BAD is a renowned British Rock Band that is quite famous for its habit of fusing various genres like funk, jazz, hip hop, punk and dance music into one. The foundation of the band was laid by the former singer and guitarist of the bands “The Clash” and “Mick Jones”. Over the years, the band has gone through several changes in its membership as well as the sound of their music. The band was at the top of their game back in 80s and 90s when they released a couple of well received albums and singles. During that period, the band also toured extensively to help promote their music as well as cater the needs of their loyal fans as well. Even though the band was doing pretty well for itself, the group members decided to part their ways in 1997 when the band disbanded. However, back by popular demand, Big Audio Dynamite has officially re-united this year and they’ll be performing live on a number of occasions.

After Mick Jones left the Clash in 1983, he initially joined in with the band General Public for a brief amount of time. But later he decided to form his own band called the Top Risk Action Company or T.R.A.C. For that Jones recruited John ‘Boy’ Lennard, Leo ‘E-Zee Kill’ Williams and Nicky ‘Topper’ Headon. Headon’s run with the band was short lived as he was asked to leave the band due to his heroin addiction. Although T.R.A.C didn’t really release any music or anything, but it can easily be called the early incarnation of the Big Audio Dynamite. Later on Jones decided to call it a quit for T.R.A.C and form another band called Big Audio Dynamite along with Don Letts, a film director. For that, Jones recruited Leo Williams on Bass, Dan Donovan on Keyboards and Greg Roberts on Drums. After their formation, they went straight to record their debut album which was then released in 1985 and was titled “This is Big Audio Dynamite”.

The following year the band released yet another studio album titled “No. 10, Upping St. After gaining some recognition with the album, B.A.D was asked to perform as a supporting act on U2’s 1987 World Tour. After the tour, the band released two more studio albums in 1988 and 1989 titled Tighten Up Vol. 88 and Megatop Phoenix respectively. The former album spawned a Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks’ #1 single titled Just Play Music. Before dissolving the band, the original line up of the band penned and released a song called “Free” that was used as a soundtrack for the movie called Flashback. That was done back in 1990, and after the dissolution of the band, Jones formed another band in the same year by the name of Bad Audio Dynamite II. In the same year an album by the band emerged in the UK market by the name of “Kool-Aid”.

With the new line up and the new name, the band released another studio album called The Globe. The Globe spawned what is known to be the band’s commercially most successful single of all times, “Rush”. The single peaked at #1 spot on not only the U.S Modern Rock Chart but also on the Australian National Aria Chart. Later on the band was called upon to support U2 yet again on their ZooTV tour. The band released its follow up studio album titled “High Power” in 1994 that featured Michael “DJ Zonka” Custance and Andre Shapps, as the newest band members.

Later on in 1997, the band broke up after releasing their least most successful album titled F-Punk on Radioactive Records and their downloadable free album, Entering a New Ride. After their break up, in 2010, the news of band’s reunion started to emerge when the band members, Mick Jones and Don Letts though of uniting the band together once again. The band was scheduled to reunite in 2011, and they duly did. Which is why they are expected to perform on Glastonbury Festival 2011, Bestival, Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival and many more. So you better get your Big Audio Dynamite tickets before it’s too late.

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