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Electro music was made so much better with the DJ like Benny Bennasi in the scene. Making it big with the hit score, “Satisfaction”, Bennasi eventually won a Grammy Award for producing awesome electro music. From the start of his career in 2001 to the present day, Bennasi has entertained millions with his recorded, remixed as well as live work. His beats get the party going and people grooving all night long to his electro beats. Benny Bennasi Tickets are popular among people young at heart and sell like hot cakes as soon as they come out as everyone knows how exciting the live shows> For Event Schedule and available tickets for Benny Benassi please click Buy

For the uninitiated, Benny Benassi would simply be the man behind the immense 2002 summer dance hit “Satisfaction”, which rocked joints across the world. But beneath all the synthesized grooves and scratched turntables is a genius who’s not only reinvented a genre of music, but accomplished a level of melodic fusion that beats his compatriots, and also started his own production house to promote promising vocalists. The Italian DJ, remixer and producer has achieved not only solo success, but also made it big when teaming up with his cousin Alle Benassi and also working in ‘The Biz’, a musical project promoting the vocal talents of Paul French and Violeta withBenassi’s thumping rhythms.
Benassi has led the revolution of electro and magically fused it with quintessential house music in his work. He also made a mark on remixing various hit songs, winning a Grammy for his efforts. The fashionable fun of Benassi’s wizardry has rocked many clubs the world over and Benny Benassi Tickets are drawing a great deal of attention for the waves he is making on his European tour this summer.
Benassi’s music is electro at its furious peak, with breakbeats, the track defining TR-808 drum machines, funk sampling, and vocals present in a deadpan manner through vocoding. Electro has been revived with Benassi’s rise, and its fusion with the synthesizer bass-line heavy house music has given rise to electro house, the sound of 2000s club music.
Benny Benassi himself was born as MarcoBenassi in Reggio Emilia, Italy in 1967. He first started playing with his cousin Alle Benassi in the town’s clubs, attracting a lot of followers through his impressive DJing . By the 80s, he and Alle moved to Larry Pignagnoli’s Off Limits Studios, which has been credited with helping the rise of acts like Dhany, Whigfield and Channing . This is whereBenassi’s first impulse to make music for the market appeared and he worked with countless acts through the 90s.
Benassi’s name, as KMC, first appeared on the charts with the Dhany collaboration “I Feel So Fine” in 2001. The house track was an Italian and European sensation, but better times were to follow. Benny Benassi had grown obsessed with electro and the deep grind of 2002’s smash hit “Satisfaction” that satisfied fans and critics alike. Romping to chart and popular success,Benassijustified the hype with his debut album Hypnotica (2003). He then decided to work with his cousin Alle inBenassi Bros. and expanded his repertoire working with two promising vocalists, Paul French and Violeta Claudia, in a project called The Biz. Two albums came off theBenassi Bros. label, with Benny Benassi’s European following reaching an all-time high. He started Pump-Kin Music, a record label focusing on producing for upcoming unheard of talent. Benassithen hit a pot of gold while remixing, working his magic with overwhelming synthesized layers on a number of hits. His later albums have been solo efforts, featuring much more radio-friendly elements and grunge rock music.
Benassi’s initial brush with fame was with “I Feel So Fine” and it topped UK club charts. Then came his debut hit “Satisfaction”, which had club-goers salivating with its vocoder vocals playing over deeply synthesized bass turrets. “Satisfaction” went Gold in Australia, USA, Belgium, and France, and reached #2 on UK Singles and #1 on UK Dance. It’s suggestive “construction outfits” video was a winner too. “Able to Love” and “I Love My Sex” were signature Benny Benassi mixes of electro house of his debut album Hypnotica , which scooped the European Border Breakers Award for most sales outside Italy. Sandy Chambers, Dhany, and Naan featured extensively on Benassi Bros’ next two albums, Pumphonia and …Phobia , with the latter going Gold in France with “Illusion” and “Make Me Feel”.Benassi’s remix of Public Enemy’s “Bring the Noise” became a 2008 blockbuster hit, winning a Grammy for ‘Best Remix’. He has remixed hits for Flo Rida, LMFAO, Katy Perry and Shakira and also collaborated with Chris Brown on his album F.A.M.E .
Benassi’s DJ roots have meant his skills have only sharpened as he tackles huge crowds in arenas jam-packed with Benny Benassi Ticket holders. He has recently headlined Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival and his next stops in Europe are in Cannes and Sagres.
Benny Benassi has been rightly nicknamed as the “Godfather of Electro” for his meticulous skill with the genre. His unpredictably spinning thumping tracks compel one to move in tune to the beat, an experience fans with Benny Benassi Tickets have been waiting for.

The heart and soul of the parties, Benny Bennasi, the Italian DJ or the electro musician is coming to rock the nights in a city near you. More entertaining than his studio albums and DVDs are his live performances which are all about, dancing lights, loud electro music and fans enjoying the nights away. Bennasi is a big name even among the contemporaries and fuses music in a way which becomes heavenly. With Benny Bennasi Tickets out in the market, there is always a rush to buy tickets the first. So grab your deal of the tickets and get ready to hit the dance floor!

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