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The very talented and immensely popular musical group Beirut is touring around. The band with a devoted fan base has been operational for a few years now and has released albums which have generated much critical and commercial success for them. Zachary Francis Condon is a very young and talented musician who was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His musical aspirations led to the formation of a band that was named after the famous and historical city Beirut. Music of Beirut is a fusion of Balkan folk music, western pop music, and few elements of eastern European music along with mixing it with indie folk, American mainstream and world music. Zach Cordon is the founder and lead member of the band and his personal musical inspiration has been jazz music.

Zach Condon has a younger brother Ross who is a member of a New York based band named as Total Slacker and is also responsible for shaping the music legacy of history elder brother. Balkan folk music came to Zach’s knowledge when he was seventeen and was travelling through Europe. Beirut’s sweet melodies are largely attributed towards its founder’s detailed studying of world music during this European tour.

Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost joined Zach Condon as initial members of Beirut and assisted him for the band’s first album which was titled as Gulag Orkestar . Most of songs in this album were completed in the bedroom of the founding members. Their first album was released in May 2006. Critics applauded the band for their work and Rough Trade which is a UK based record shop voted the album as best album of 2006. Afterwards, they released an EP Lon Gisland as a follow up item to their first album. Elephant Gun was a song included in this EP that got used for the first music video of the band. The band released another EP in 2007 that was named after this song and titled as Elephant Gun .

In 2007, Beirut released their second album that was inspired by the French music and traditions and titled as The Flying Club Cup . The band related the naming of this album to the hot air balloon festival in Paris and musical inspirations of this album came from French chansons and Jacques Brel that he was listening during this time period. Vincent Moon, who is a French film maker, included the band for an acoustic video session in his show commonly known as Take away show . Vincent Moon is also responsible for shooting a DVD for the group covering their second album songs and here the band performed each song in different locations including New York, Paris and New Jersey. The DVD was titled as Cheap magic inside .

The success that Beirut has received over this short span of time has made them focus on quality and this is the reason that in 2008, after completion of their U.S tour and before the start of European tour they cancelled it because they wanted to give the best possible entertainment to their fans and according to them they were tired after the first two months of the tour. Zach Condon visited Oaxaca, Mexico which became the major inspiration for the next double EP in 2009 that was titled as March of the Zapotec and Holland . The shrew is a track included in it and is considered as one of the most favorite works by the band. This EP was made available for public purchase before schedule due to the leakage of music included in it on internet.

Late show with David Letterman has been their debut television performance in 2009. They have gained an increased fan following in Brazil because they appeared on a miniseries that is being aired in that country by the name of Capitu. Seven Brazilian bands joined hands and paid tribute to the group by playing their original songs in various cities of Brazil and the event was named as Beiruting in the Square .

Beirut are in the middle of their U.S tour these days and have been entertaining their fans with their music across the country. East Harlem is a song that has been released from their upcoming album that is titled as The Rip Tide . The album is scheduled to be released in August and Pompeii Records that is Zach Condon’s own recording company is responsible for all commercial activities associated with it. The album is supposed to have a more pop oriented sound for the group and is expected to be different than their earlier works. Multi talented musical abilities of all group members have taken this band to a higher level of fan following in very short duration.

All fans buying Beirut tickets are sure to get full value of their money by the band because their past shows are proof enough that they do not comprise on quality and believe in providing good entertainment to their fans.

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