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Batman Live consists of circus performances along with theatricals. It is a stage show that tours paying particular emphasis to the character of Batman as described in the DC comics. The production started off in 2011 in the UK and in 2012 in the US. Batman Live Las Vegas NV show is a perfect opportunity for fans to witness a truly memorable show, one that includes all the elements required to make a great performance.
The plot of the show explores the close Batman/Robin relationship. The story starts with Bruce Wayne’s parents being murdered in the past and how this results in him becoming the masked Batman. When Dick Grayson goes through a similar tragedy, with both his circus performing parents murdered by a gangster, he is put in the care of Bruce Wayne by the Commissioner. With time, Wayne tells his secret to Grayson and teaches him how to channel all his feelings towards wanting justice and not bitter vengeance. The story reaches a climax when the joker reveals his plans to release the prisoners in Arkham Asylum, using Grayson as a means to get to Batman and finish him off. The Batman Live Las Vegas NV performance is definitely a must see for all the Batman fans. The show is all set to give audiences an experience well worth their time and money. 
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