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The Barstool Blackout Tour is an electronic and dance music tour that is going to many of the largest university campuses in the US . It is a tour that is brought about by the highly acclaimed magazine, Barstool Sports, and is an event to be looked forward to for a time filled with fun and excitement. Indeed, many students at many of these campuses have already gotten hold of Barstool Blackout Tour tickets and prepared themselves for what is one of the most exciting events occurring in American university campuses. Some of the universities that will be part of this amazing tour include the Syracuse University , the University of Wisconsin , the Indiana University , the University of Michigan , the University of Illinois , the University of Ioqa , the Vanderbilt University , the Clemson University and the University of Virginia .

At the Syracuse University , the live shows and dance party that makes up the Barstool Blackout Tour is set to take place at the Westcott Theatre. Similarly, the venue for the tour at the University of Wisconsin is Serenado. At these venues, this tour will organize an event that is mix of live electronic music concert complete with DJs and a dance party to dazzle even the best. This tour is set to go to many campuses in the US and its shows will feature blacklights, lasers, fog and strobes to create a fun atmosphere. Anyone who takes part of this event is also bound to received special white pinnies with the school and the fraternity on them; these are collector’s items. Thus, this is an event that marks up the effort of both Barstool Sports and Barstool U.

The Barstool Blackout Tour is the work of Barstool Sports. This is a newspaper based in Boston that also publishes its news online. Its slogan is ‘written by the common man for the common man’ and it is a slogan this newspaper and magazine has stuck to since its founding many years back. As a media outlet, it sets itself apart from nearly all newspapers in the US and its news is written in simple language. Its target audience is students in colleges but it has attracted a larger mainstream following of readers from the US and all over the world. It covers sports such as in the four major American pro sports leagues; the NFL, the NHL, the NBA and MLB. It also covers fantasy football and news surrounding pro sports franchises and their players.

Barstool Sports, the company behind the Barstool Blackout Tour, is targeted at everyone who loves sports. According to this newspaper, it is for people who spend summers following their favorite NFL franchises and their NFL Sundays following their fantasy football teams. It is a newspaper for people who would rather watch SportsCenter or ESPN than watch news when they get off from work. As a newspaper, Barstool Sports started out as a weekly zine after which it has begun publishing news daily through its website. Since its founding, it has attracted Americans aged eighteen to forty five. Starting out from the city of Boston in the US state of Massachusetts , this newspaper has gone on to cater to a bigger American audience. As a plus, this newspaper proudly proclaims that nothing of what it writes has a political agenda or a hidden agenda behind it. Everything is ‘written from the heart’ and in the simplest possible language there is.

Therefore, is you are near any of the campuses that the Barstool Blackout Tour is going to and you find yourself looking for an event that is unlike any other, Barstool Blackout Tour tickets are your passes to one such event at campuses such as the Syracuse University.

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