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One of the most popular kids show is now coming to you in a stage show format, absolutely live. Yes, it is none other than Barney and Friends ! Everybody must have seen the recorded versions on the television but this is something different and more awesome. Barney Live is a live format of the show that started 17 years ago and has garnered massive popularity lately. Apart from being entertaining, the show is also educational and an eye opener for the kids. You’ll get to see Barney’s Imagination Circus right in front of you live.

The entire show revolves around Winkster as he steals the “Barney Bag” and the kids are trying to catch him. The way the producers have created the circus and given a dreamy look to the stage is simply awesome. There are going to be dancing bears and clowns all over the stage. Give your kids a treat by taking them to this amazing stage production. The costumes, stage set and the atmosphere is going to mesmerize you all for sure. The show offers complete entertainment for the entire family.

Barney and Friends is one of the longest running television shows and the creators have worked day and night to bring the show on stage. Their efforts have paid off and thousands of people have loved the way they’ve staged the entire show right from its opening act to the ending part. Get ready for some ultimate entertainment! Grab your Barney Live Tickets right now and mark your attendance at a fun-filled show.

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